10 Tricky Interview Questions

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A job interview is the pinnacle of your job search, but when you're faced with tricky interview questions, the experience can be even more stressful. Prepare for the meeting by reviewing potential out-of-the-ordinary questions and compiling responses designed to impress hiring managers.

1. Who Do You Consider to be Your Role Model?

When asked these types of interview questions, avoid revealing too much about your personal life. For example, instead of describing why a fellow mother inspires you, thus revealing your family status, focus on people who are successful within your particular industry.

2. Why Did You Choose to Wear This Outfit?

Although it seems odd to discuss your personal preferences, hiring managers often ask this question to determine your decision-making process. Explain that you commonly wear professional attire because it reflects your work ethic and professionalism when meeting with clients.

3. How Do You Load a Dishwasher?

Hiring managers are seeking ways to evaluate your organizational skills with these types of interview questions. Detail your thought process when responding, and explain why you load dishes in a certain way to reveal you put great thought into each and every process.

4. How Would You Rate Your Current Boss?

Avoid detailing anything negative when responding and focus on the strengths of your boss.

5. What Would You Do if You Did Not Have to Work?

Avoid describing how you would lounge on a beach without a care in the world when answering these types of interview questions during a job interview. Instead, explain you are motivated by intrinsic rewards that do not revolve around money, and describe your philanthropy efforts and eagerness to stay involved in the industry.

6. Who Would You Like to Punch?

This question is definitely tricky. Refrain from naming a specific individual and focus on a cause that is near and dear to your heart. For example, if you are an advocate for safety of children or animals, note you would like to deter these efforts in a nonviolent manner.

7. If You Could be an Animal, What Would You Be?

Think long and hard about an animal that defines your personality. Avoid an aggressive creature that could reveal you are difficult to work with, and focus on animals that are creative and efficient.

8. What Would You Eat for Your Last Meal?

Although it's an odd question to ask, interviewers want to see your ability to think outside of the box when under pressure. You can't go wrong with an honest answer.

9. How Could I Improve as an Interviewer?

Show you can give constructive feedback by detailing first what the interviewer is doing well and staying positive. While winding up your answer, explain you would prefer to discuss your qualifications and experience to show how you can impact the company.

10. How Would You Spend $1 Million?

Again, focus on your willingness to give back to the community. Instead of detailing what you would buy for yourself, describe your community efforts and involvement with nonprofit organizations when asked these types of interview questions.

Put your professionalism on display without succumbing to nervousness or shock when asked tricky interview questions to impress hiring managers.

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