10 Ways to a Guarantee a Memorable Interview

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When you attend a job interview, you're just one candidate in a big pool of contenders. Your goal is to outshine all the other applicants and stand out in the hiring manager's mind as the most impressive and qualified candidate in the bunch. Ace your next interview with these 10 tips to make it memorable.

1. Do Some Research

Prior to your job interview, do some research into the company. Get a complete picture of the organization, its processes, its employees and the industry. This helps you determine what the company needs in an employee.

2. Be Confident

Walk into the interview with your head held high, and present yourself professionally. When you discuss your skills and abilities, do so with confidence to demonstrate that you believe in yourself.

3. Keep Calm

Don't let your nerves get the better of you. Before going into the job interview, take deep, calming breaths. Focus on the positive outcomes of the interview to make it happen.

4. Establish Rapport

Try to find common ground with the hiring manager to break the ice. If you notice a team pennant on his wall, for example, discuss your shared love of football to get off on the right foot.

5. Pay Attention to Body Language

Make sure your body language throughout the interview is professional and positive. Begin with a firm handshake, sit up straight in your chair, make eye contact as you respond to questions, and don't fidget with a pen or rustle through papers.

6. Focus on Your Responses

When you're asked a question, don't dive right into your answer. Take the time to collect your thoughts and provide a response that's intelligent and memorable.

7. Tout Your Accomplishments

The job interview is your chance to show the hiring manager what you are capable of doing professionally. Discuss your achievements with past employers, and relate these accomplishments to the needs of the hiring organization so your value is evident.

8. Show Off Your Initiative

Demonstrate to the hiring manager how eager you are to start working for the organization. Discuss how soon you are able to begin working if you receive the job offer.

9. Ask Questions

Prepare several questions for the hiring manager before going to the job interview. Ask thoughtful questions that show off your knowledge of the industry and your interest in the organization.

10. Follow Up

After the interview, send an email or handwritten note to the hiring manager to thank him for his time. Reiterate the skills and experience you have that make you the ideal candidate for the position.

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking, and it's okay to experience some jitters. By following these 10 tips to make it memorable, you can turn the interview into a positive experience for you while making a stellar first impression on the hiring manager.

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    Jessica H.

    This is just what i needed. Thank you!

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