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Whether you're fresh out of college, recently laid off, breaking into a different industry or a looking for a change, making a great first impression during your job interview is an important step that drastically increases your chance of landing a new job. Follow these 10 job interview tips to ensure you shine above all the other candidates.

1. Be Prompt

Leave home as early as possible to ensure you arrive on time. Do a test run a day or more before the job interview so you're familiar with the route, traffic patterns or public transportation required to reach the destination.

2. Perfect your Handshake

Rehearse giving a firm handshake that demonstrates your confidence and sincerity. Ask a friend or colleague for feedback on your current handshake, and improve it if necessary. As you shake the interviewer's hand, make sure you look him in the eye and smile.

3. Keep Calm

Practice a few deep breathing techniques, and use them before your interview to ensure you remain calm. Staying calm makes it easier to focus on the interviewer's questions and makes you appear more confident.

4. Look Professional

Dress professionally for your job interview. Make sure your hair is neat and fingernails are clean. Men should have well-groomed facial hair.

5. Research the Company

Before the job interview, research the company to learn about its goals and mission, and look up some of its prominent employees. This helps you prepare answers that are relevant to the company and its needs.

6. Review Common Interview Questions

Do a dry run of answering common job interview questions, such as "What are your long-term goals?" or "Why did you leave your former job?" Hold a mock interview with a friend or colleague to practice your responses.

7. Create a Sales Pitch

Come up with 30-second pitch that summarizes your educational background, work experience and qualifications. Explain what you can offer his organization, and demonstrate why you're the right candidate.

8. Be Positive

Let your enthusiasm shine throughout during your job interview. Be positive when responding to interview questions, and articulate your excitement about the opportunity to work for the organization.

9. Use Professional Language

Avoid swearing, using slang or making any inappropriate statements during your job interview. This type of behavior causes the interview panel to question your professionalism and may disqualify you as a candidate.

10. Ask Thoughtful Questions

Prepare a few thoughtful questions to ask the interview panel. Refer to your research to ensure the questions you ask are meaningful and relevant.

While you may have a stellar resume and years of valuable work experience, it takes more to impress a hiring manager and land the position of your dreams. When you find yourself in the market for a new job, consider these 10 job interview tips to ensure you make an unforgettable first impression.

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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Ileana thanks so much for your comment. Very true - you should always have at least 3 business references as well as personal ones (should they ask) with you anytime you have an interview. And yes - always carry a copy of your resume with you, too. During the interview you could have your resume in front of you as a ready reference. Best of luck with your job search.


    Well written. Also, a good idea to have at least 3 reference contacts on file with you in the event that you are asked to provide them and a copy of your resume.

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