10 Questions to Ask in Your Next Interview

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Many job candidates think of a job interview as a scary interrogation session; they take many steps to prepare themselves to answer a laundry list of awkward questions, but spend little to no time preparing questions of their own. The interview is your chance to get to know your potential employer on a deeper level than a Google search might offer. Come prepared with a list that includes some of the following great interview questions.

1. Why Is This Position Open?

This is a great question to ask at the beginning of the interview. The answer will determine what your first few months on the job might be like: if it's a brand-new position, your input may be a big part of the job's development. If you're replacing someone, you can probably expect a bit more structure.

2. What Is the Normal Schedule for This Position?

Don't assume every job involves a typical nine-to-five schedule. It is important to know whether you will be expected to work some nights and weekends, or if overtime is common.

3. What Do You Like About Working Here?

By asking this question, you're likely to get an authentic idea of what the company culture is really like and how employees relate to each other.

4. What Are Some Challenges a New Hire in This Position Might Face?

Every job has its challenges, so it works to your advantage to get an idea of the trials you might face ahead of time. If the interviewer is hesitant to provide details, it could be a red flag.

5. What Kinds of Changes Might the Company Go Through in the Future?

This is a clever way of asking about possible advancement opportunities without looking like you don't appreciate the current position being offered, and it shows that you plan to be with the company for a long period of time.

6. What Do Employees Like to Do Outside of Work?

This question shows that you're genuinely interested in developing relationships with your future co-workers.

7. How Will My Performance Be Evaluated?

Asking this question during the interview demonstrates your commitment to doing a good job, and it gives you a sense of how the company treats and rewards its employees.

8. What Does Your Ideal Candidate Look Like?

Since there really is no perfect answer to this question, the answer you do get speaks volumes about what the company wants from you. If your qualifications differ from what the interviewer states, this is your opportunity to explain how you can fit into that mold.

9. Do You Have Any Concerns About My Qualifications?

Although this question may seem bold, it provides valuable insight. If the interviewer has reservations about you, you've given yourself a golden opportunity to address them right away, before the interview is over and your chance to impress the hiring manager goes away.

10. What Is the Next Step?

This question demonstrates your seriousness about the opportunity and compels the interviewer to provide a timeline of what to expect.

Feel free to compose your own list of questions, based on your research of the specific employer you're interested in. Asking thoughtful, open-ended questions during the interview demonstrates your genuine interest in getting to know the employer and becoming a valued part of the team.

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