10 Resume Trends for 2016

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Hiring trends are constantly changing, and so should your CV. Next time you write a resume, remember these top 10 resume trends of 2016 to ensure you give recruiters the best possible impression.

1. Get to the Point Quickly

In 2016, resume trends reflect the fact that there is strong competition for jobs in many fields. Recruiters have little time to spend reading each applicant's resume, so you need to quickly communicate why you are the best fit for the job. Use short sentences and bullet points to list your key accomplishments, so the recruiter can quickly see what you have to offer.

2. Edit Ruthlessly

When you write a resume, you'll almost certainly include too many unnecessary words on your first draft. Read back over what you wrote, and cut anything that's not a critical part of the message you want to convey.

3. Assume Recruiters Will Skim Your Resume

Many modern recruiters don't read resumes word by word. Instead, they skim over the main points before deciding whether they want to look at parts of the resume in more detail. Use bullet points and headings to highlight key information to skim-reading recruiters.

4. Use the CAR Formula

CAR stands for Challenge, Action, Result. It's a formula you can use to explain your key achievements. First, explain the challenge that you faced at work. Next, explain the action you took to resolve the situation. Finally, state the result.

5. Quantify Your Achievements

Employers in 2016 are looking for someone who can increase their company's profits or decrease their costs. If you've raised revenue or cut costs in a previous role, quantify your achievement on your resume by stating the amount your actions raised or saved.

6. Use Visual Information

Online resumes are becoming more common. Embrace this modern trend by adding graphs and charts to your resume or LinkedIn profile to communicate quantifiable information. People process visual information faster than text, so these resume trends could help you communicate more effectively.

7. Try an Infographic Resume

One of the hottest resume trends in marketing, social media and design is an infographic resume. Similar to trend No. 6, these resumes use visuals instead of text to deliver information. They're a great opportunity to show your creative side.

8. Use Short Sentences

In 2016, recruiters are used to reading tweets and other bite-size pieces of information. Follow this resume trend by making your CV easy to digest using short sentences of 140 characters or fewer.

9. Create a Personal Brand

Use words, images and color to create a strong personal brand on your LinkedIn profile or website. You can include these words and colors on your resume to continue your personal branding and create a confident presentation of your professional self.

10. Forget About ATS

Until recently, employers used ATS (applicant tracking software) to scan resumes for particular keywords. However, they're starting to realize that the software isn't great at finding the best candidates for a job. With fewer employers using ATS, you don't need to worry about cramming keywords into your resume.

Recruiters' attention spans are getting shorter each year, so if you want to stay competitive in the job market, you need to adapt. Create an effective resume in 2016 by keeping up with these resume trends.

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  • David Hattman
    David Hattman

    I have not seen a decrease in ATS systems. I have found quite the opposite.

  • Michael T.
    Michael T.

    HR used to Tweets. Short stuff. Not long. Think dog barking. Bark Bark. Hire me.

  • Ilene Saidel
    Ilene Saidel

    Very well presented!


    I'm curious about ATS. Your view is that fewer employers are using ATS now so keywords are less important. I read other sites that say the exact opposite - keywords are more important than ever. I'm not sure which view is correct.

  • Carmen V.
    Carmen V.

    I will do my profile as soon as I can because I am now in a volunteer job in Aliance Christian Academy as a secretary. Thanks for your patience. Have a nice day.

  • Vernita P.
    Vernita P.

    Good information

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