3 Smart Questions to Ask During the Hiring Process

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When you're a job seeker, it's essential to thoroughly prepare for each job interview, and part of this preparation involves creating interview questions that give you deeper insight into the company and help you determine if the position is right for you. You shouldn't stop there, however. To make a great impression and stand out among other candidates, consider asking the following three smart questions that let employers know you're serious about landing the role.

1. What Are Some Challenges Your Company Currently Faces?

During job interviews, it's common for hiring managers to give desirable candidates a long list of reasons why they should work for their organizations. Most candidates go along with this in order to keep the job interview upbeat and positive. This is not always the best strategy, however. To make a strong, lasting impression with recruiters, ask about the challenges the company currently faces. This takes the interview in a completely different direction, as it causes employers to get serious and discuss company issues that need dire attention. Listen intently as the hiring manager describes these challenges, and take the conversation a step further by asking something like, "What have you done so far to try and fix this issue?" or "Do you have a solid strategy in place for fixing this problem?"

2. How Can I Help Your Company Achieve Its Overall Goals?

Once you learn more about the company's problems, it's important to discuss how your potential role can contribute to the solution. By asking, "How can I help your company achieve its goals?" during a job interview, you let employers know that despite the company's issues, you're ready and willing to join the organization and work towards its mission. This makes you a more attractive candidate for two reasons. First, this question communicates to employers that you probably won't quickly jump ship if another problem arises in the future. Second, it lets employers know that you're not afraid of a challenge and don't mind pitching in to help fix problems you didn't create.

3. Do You Have Any Hesitations About Hiring Me?

It takes a bit of guts to ask this job interview question, but doing so is important. If the hiring manager believes you're perfect for the job and doesn't want to risk losing you to another organization, he'll likely let you know. If he voices a few concerns about your qualifications or experience, you can immediately provide an explanation or additional information that helps to calm his fears about hiring you. Sometimes, providing extra details about your background or skills can mean the difference between getting passed over or landing the job.

To stand out among other job applicants and dramatically increase your chances of landing a position, you must let employers know you mean business. These three smart questions do just that by encouraging employers to open up during the job interview and giving you the opportunity to explain exactly how you can make a positive impact on the company. These questions also encourage deeper conversations during the job interview, which helps you connect with employers.

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