3 Tips to Help You Stay Productive Working in a Loud Office

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A noisy office can be a real productivity killer. Whether you're stuck sitting next to a chatty co-worker, bothered by constantly ringing phones or dealing with heavy foot traffic next to your cubicle, distractions can get the best of you and make it nearly impossible to stay productive. Combat your noisy office with these three tips.

1. Quiet the Noise

If the constant commotion in your noisy office makes it hard for you to stay productive, wear earplugs to silence the chattering voices. A white noise machine may be enough to drown out the loudness of your workplace. If you're able to concentrate on your work while listening to music, invest in a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones to keep at the office. Listen to music that helps you concentrate or makes you feel inspired. Make a workday playlist of songs that motivate you to complete your tasks. If your phone's incessant ringing or email's constant dinging notifications are distracting you from your work, don't be afraid to silence them while you tackle an important task. Turn off your phone, shut down your email and focus solely on work for a few hours.

2. Change Your Surroundings

If headphone and earplugs aren't enough to silence your noisy office mates, try changing your environment. If you're lucky enough to have an office with a door, close it. If you work in a cubicle, move to one that's in a quieter location, or take your laptop to an empty conference room. If it's not possible to leave your desk or cubicle, change your strategy. Get to know the volume patterns of your office, and plan your schedule accordingly. If co-workers tend to be chattier after lunch, work on your most challenging tasks in the morning when you're able to concentrate fully. Save easier duties for those high-volume hours in the afternoon.

3. Confront the Problem

When the noisy office just becomes more than you can handle, it's time to speak up to those in charge. Talk to your supervisor about the noise issue, and explain how it prohibits you from being productive throughout your day. Point out how resolving the issue can help everyone in the office focus on their duties and achieve more, to the benefit of the organization. If you're a supervisor, address the issue with your staff and set expectations for acceptable noise levels. Discuss unacceptable behaviors, such as excessive gossiping or loud personal phone calls, and deal with these matters immediately when you see them arise.

While workplace distractions are common, a constantly noisy office can be too much to handle. If you're finding it hard to concentrate on your daily duties, use these three tips to combat the chaos and stay productive.

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