3 Traits to Master Any Job Interview

Juwaria Merchant
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There’s no denying that job interviews are a nerve-wracking process. Don’t worry, everyone’s been there. However, a common mistake that many people assume to be true is that job interviews are a lengthy process that basically fizzle down to “what to answer” and “which clothes to wear.” Obviously, being prepared on those aspects helps, but interviews are not for that—they’re there so that the hiring manager can see how you present yourself. Your answers and the clothes that you wear comes next. What’s important is you. So, here’s a cheat sheet of the top three traits to help you ace any job interview.

1. Show That You Can Adapt to Change

Every business faces shifting trends—these trends can arise internally or externally, and in some cases, can also be beyond the scope of the business itself. This is where you come in. Employers love to know that they can count on people who are willing to learn fast, can adapt to change and are willing to learn fast.

A good example of shifting trends would be the impact of Covid-19. Not only did it cause many organizations to alter their way of business, but it also pushed employers and employees alike out of their comfort zones, led them to face a world health crisis, and still keep the work going on as usual. Things changed, the way of business changed, the customer mindsets changed, and throughout it all, no one was to blame. In a world like this, knowing that employees can adapt well to change definitely helps.

2. Communication Is Key

You’ve likely heard the quote “communication is key” and the reason why it pops up so many times is because of how true it is. Having healthy conversations with your employers and coworkers not only allows you to understand the organizational goals better but also gives you an opportunity to express your opinions as well.

For the job seekers out there, your first step on the journey of communication begins when you send in that application. The follow-up e-mails, the interview process, your negotiation skills, etc. are all a part of the communication process. So, while you do have the opportunity, make sure to show your potential employers how well you can communicate even before you’ve been called for the job interview.

3. Show Them That They Can Depend On You

Dependability is just an extension of professionalism. Many people assume dependability to be one of the few good traits that you can possess—well, an argument can be made that this trait alone will get you your job. Employers trust and depend on you to get the job done, and once you can prove to them that you’re capable of that, the job might as well be yours.

Hiring managers are always on the lookout for employees who they can not only depend on for organizational work but can also depend on to act as a positive reflection of the organization.


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