4 Skills to Talk Up When Interviewing for A Remote Job

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According to some people who know a thing or two, remote work may continue to be a hallmark of working life. It is possible that some positions we may be used to thinking of as in-person may be more thoroughly conducted over Zoom and other virtual platforms as office culture and work travel become more novel. None of this is guaranteed, of course, but it is absolutely a positive and forward-looking outlook to be able to enthusiastically pitch yourself as game and primed for a remote position. Here are some things to brag about yourself about when interviewing for a remote position.


1.  Time Management

Some employers are reportedly skeptical of their employees’ ability to continue working effectively from home in the long term. While on a systemic level, employers may get over this, it could still be crucial to pitch yourself as a candidate who is uniquely suited to performing well at home. Draw on experiences during which you worked through a hectic and distracted environment to get the job done. Talk about your history of balancing work obligations with personal ones to show your go-getter attitude.


2.  Teamwork

One of the things we’re all missing, not just from work, is the tactile experience of being in a room with somebody when we are making decisions or strategizing. Since video chat may well be a regular or semi-regular feature of our work lives for the foreseeable future, it’s important to let interviewers know that you’re the candidate most likely to follow up, be accessible, be passionate when contacted in a virtual environment. You’re as here for the team over video chat as you would be in the conference room! Everyone wants that sort of helpful element on their team. 


3.  Flexibility

One thing that’s undeniable: our work schedules are all getting wonky. Being reachable without needing a commute to or from work means people may expect more around the clock access to one another than they would in a traditional work environment. When interviewing, make sure you let your recruiter know that you’re a team player who doesn’t mind if a work call takes place a little before or a little after when you would normally be in the office. It’s a new time and we all need a little flexibility to adjust!


4.  Positivity

These are just a few tips, but remember, fundamentally this is all about positivity. Be the candidate who a recruiter knows will be there to offer that unwavering, willing light of positivity in the workspace, be it virtual or in person!



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