4 Unemployment Etiquette Tips

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In the past, I think it was more likely for people to hide the fact that they were currently unemployed. Many people may feel embarrassed about it; but with the unemployment rate so high, it is becoming less of an issue for most to mention it to others. The fact is it is good to let others know – spread the word actually – as it is a good means of networking. It is only when people know you are looking for a job that they can possibly be of help in passing the word to you about an opening. However, there are some tips of etiquette when it comes to being unemployed.


1. Attitude Check: Yes, being unemployed can be frustrating, stressful, and downright infuriating, but do not be the downer or vent about it to all of your friends all of the time. Be considerate of others, and do not make it your pet grievance and bring everyone down. It is okay to let them know, and occasionally mention your progress or lack thereof, but to make it the constant point of conversation and frustration can be a bit much.


2. Be Considerate: If you wish to offer advice to others who are unemployed, tread lightly. What might be a ray of bright light and a new direction for your life may not be so for others. Giving generic tips like “unemployment is so freeing” or “unemployment opens the door to other opportunities” may sound like pick-me-up comments, but can come across as irritating to others. Try to avoid such comments, and, instead, if you have something more concrete to share, like viable contacts and leads, then pass those type of things along.


3. No Guilt: Do not feel guilty or ashamed of your current unemployed status; it will only bring you down as well as others. Keep your attitude positive and working towards the goal of a new position. Tell friends about your situation but do so without seeking to start a “pity party” and drag them down with you. Being unemployed is frustrating and it is a drag, but do not let it becomes the anchor that drags you and those around you down into a sea of depression.


4. Stay Positive: While being unemployed is rarely a good thing, do not let it be the driving factor in your life to the point where it causes mental anguish and depression. It is important to stay positive and active with the job search, and to keep a positive mental outlook; not only will it help you achieve more, but it will keep you  to be more motivated than if you were to give in to the frustration and depression. If you have a friend that is also currently unemployed, partner up and assist each other in staying motivated and working towards the goal. Work together and share tips along the way; and take some time here and there to just enjoy little things in life and refresh your mental attitude.


Yes, being unemployed is tough – very tough. But do not let it be an end of the world scenario for you and those you associate with. Reach out for assistance, but do not make it be the center of every conversation or friendship you have.


If you have some tips on keeping your chin up or tips along this line, please share in the comments below.


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    I have been unemployed for over four years now.  Volunteer work for me is also scarce and hard to find.  I spend my time in front of the TV since my recent disability prevents me from doing so.  I have heard and followed every tip.  There is nothing left for me to try to fill up my empty days and weekends are also boring and unproductive.  We, the over 40 crowd, need MORE help, but there is no one giving it to us...what is next and when is very scary...No one cares about us...we have fallen between the cracks and I see no hope for us...

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