4 More Keys To Creating A Resume They'll Remember

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In the first article we discussed five great ways to create a resume hiring managers will remember. In the second installment we're going to share four more pointers for creating a job-winning resume. Our disclaimer again: This isn't a definitive list, but it will give you a great place to start on your way to resume superstardom (and that new career you've been dreaming about)! KEYWORDS ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS You have seven seconds to catch the hiring manager's attention. Seven. That's how long it has taken you to read this. Don't just catch it, command it by using industry-specific keywords! Front-load the resume with great keywords that match exactly what the hiring manager seeks. If nothing else, you've just secured yourself an additional 30 seconds of his or her attention. 'Wow' them with the 'good stuff' Lead off the resume with your biggest and best accomplishments. Of which accomplishment are you the most proud? Spell it out for the hiring manager and call attention to it! There's no rule that says you can't bold or underline it. If it's impressive, you want them to know, and you want them to know NOW! DRIVE THE C.A.R. HOME! Challenge-Actions-Results. What challenges have you faced, what actions did you take to address them, and what were the results of those actions? Use this formula when writing out each bullet point on your resume; you'll suddenly have more quantifiable accomplishments than you'll know what to do with! I CANNOT TELL A LIE You'd better not! Lying has no place on a resume. (Come to think of it, it has no place anywhere!) That being said, I have a degree in public relations, and I spent four years of my education learning how to put a positive spin on just about any situation. (It can be done; just listen to any White House spokesman.) This is a critical element in resume writing, especially in a market that is so tight; and you have to consistently outshine the competition if you hope to get a call back. There is a positive way to frame just about anything, from being out of work for three years, to why you left your last position, or even how to explain that you've hopped through six jobs in the last two years. Strategic positioning, phrasing, and content are always on your side. Be creative, but be truthful! Add these four new strategies to the five from our previous article, and before long, you'll be a resume-writing pro.

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