5 Interview Prep Tips

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How you perform during a job interview weighs heavily when employers determine which candidate to hire. Show that you are the prime applicant for the job by ramping up your interview preparation utilizing these five tips.

1. Simplify Your Language

While you may be well-versed in industry jargon, the job interview is not the place to show off by using complicated, large words. When answering interview questions, keep your language simple and your tone positive. Use concise, smaller words instead of throwing out jargon or complex words. Provide specific examples and anecdotes to showcase your skills and experience. The more real you are with the hiring manager, the more relatable you'll be during the interview.

2. Showcase Your Emotional Intelligence

Potential employers seek candidates with passion and enthusiasm. When answering interview questions, tell stories that illustrate your skills and experience. For example, describe how you collaborated with team members or clients in past positions. Detail your methods for effectively working with others. Let your personality shine through and smile often to show just how much you've enjoyed collaborating with co-workers and clients.

3. Display Your Personality

Hiring managers want individuals with personality. Don't be afraid to let out a small laugh when the potential employer says something humorous or offers an ice breaker during the job interview. Discuss your efforts both on the job and outside of work. For example, detail your experience volunteering in the community, and discuss your personal interests that relate to the available position.

4. Be Real and Relax

Avoid trying to be someone you are not during the job interview. Instead of proposing scripted responses to questions, improvise a little so you don't sound rehearsed. Pay close attention to your body language and display a pleasant demeanor, but make sure you look relaxed. If you're nervous, take a few deep breaths before answering questions to regain your composure.

5. Show Your Creativity

Treat the job interview as a conversation with a member of your professional network. Start the meeting with a firm handshake and a smile, and whenever possible tell stories that are memorable and detail your professional experience. Outline interactions with clients and co-workers in previous positions, and make sure your answers showcase your ability to be creative and think outside the box. Creative candidates generally make a great impression with employers, so use as many examples as possible that showcase your creativity.

Preparation is key when applying for a new position. How you present yourself matters. Show employers during a job interview that you are personable, professional and eager to join the team by answering questions with confidence. Let your creativity shine through so you make a lasting impression from the moment you enter the office.

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