5 Practical Tips for a Creative Job Interview

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Candidates preparing for a creative job interview should still rehearse common interview questions and dress for success. However, one of the key differences for job seekers entering the job market as a designer, illustrator, communication specialist or content creator is that they must show their ability to innovate. Try these five practical tips to showcase your talent and professionalism.

1. Bring a Portfolio

One thing that sets job seekers apart is their ability to show tangible evidence of creativity. Come prepared to a creative job interview by compiling a portfolio that includes a diverse set of samples. From illustrations for marketing brochures to web designs for corporate clients, show the hiring manager you're diversified in your skills.

2. Emphasize Your Certifications

Employers want to see that you've been thoroughly trained and accredited. Spend time during your job search creating a list of your affiliations with professional organizations and certifications. If you feel as if your education doesn't display your knowledge, consider taking a continuing education course or workshop to gain more accreditations.

3. Demonstrate Your Skills

When answering interview questions, it's important to note the skills you possess; however, hiring managers conducting interviews expect to see tangible evidence. Plan to conduct a demonstration during the job interview that outlines how you approach creative work. Showcase how you approached a creative project, ultimately revealing the final product to your interviewer. Detail how you worked with a team of talented individuals or led the project. Primarily, let employers see your work in action with a detailed demonstration.

4. Dress the Part

While many creative agencies have a laid-back dress code, don't underestimate the importance of dressing up for a creative job interview. It's best to be overdressed versus underdressed when you're meeting with an employer for the first time. Pay close attention to your hygiene, wear a pressed business suit, and remove any accessories that may tempt you to fidget.

5. Stay Focused

At times, a creative job interview may be in a more relaxed environment. You still want to maintain your professionalism, and avoid adding personal information to the conversation. Instead, focus on the position and the job requirements. Ask the interviewer about how you would fit within the company's structure, and elaborate on how your skills are a good fit. Scour through the job description prior to the interview and reference how you possess each skill desired or required.

When seeking a position in a creative environment, it's tempting to take a more relaxed approach during the job interview. However, employers are seeking candidates who can think outside the box while also representing the company in a professional manner. Put your best foot forward by demonstrating your skills, showcasing your innovation and dressing the part to impress the employer.

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