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You walk into the job interview with a confident stride, offer a firm handshake, and start answering questions about your employment history and educational background with ease. You have a fresh copy of your resume on hand, and you're prepared when the hiring manager asks about your weaknesses. Things are going great until the recruiter asks, "Why should we hire you?" Here are five clever ways to answer this tricky job interview question.

1. "I'm Ready to Help Solve Your Company's Problems"

Do your research prior to the job interview. Read news articles or press releases, and try to uncover some current challenges the company is facing. Use examples of past achievements to explain to the hiring manager how you can help the organization solve its problems. This demonstrates the value you can bring to the company over other candidates with similar skills.

2. "I Have the Skills and Experience for the Job"

Review the job description carefully, and pick out specific experience you have that qualifies you for the position. Discuss the skills you hold that perfectly align with the organization's needs. If you're lacking in job experience, give examples from your educational background that show you're prepared to take on the tasks of the job.

3. "The Job Is in Line With My Career Goals"

Talk about where you hope to be career-wise in the next five, 10 or 20 years. Describe how this position is your dream job, and point out specific examples that make it such an attractive position. Discuss your admiration for the organization and your desire to help the company succeed.

4. "I'm a Good Fit for the Organization"

Describe how your work ethic makes you the perfect candidate for the position. Discuss what you know about the company culture and how your personality can help you fit in with the other employees. If you're applying for a management position, use the job interview as an opportunity to demonstrate how your leadership style melds with the company's.

5. "I Have a Passion for the Work Involved"

Use your response to focus on your enthusiasm for the position, the organization and the duties. If you're interviewing with an advertising firm, tout your creativity and talk about your passion for all things advertising. No matter how you respond to the question, be sure to be upbeat and keep a smile on your face to convey your excitement for the job.

It helps to anticipate some common questions a hiring manager may ask in a job interview. By rehearsing some solid responses, you can show your confidence and enthusiasm for the job. These five top-notch answers can help you tackle the "Why should we hire you?" question that often stumps candidates during the job interview.

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  • Michael J.
    Michael J.

    I bring the experience, the knowledge and the ability to perform the assigned duties. With minimum training I'm able to contribute to the success of the group and company.


    Trustworthy,work safely,abide by policies,flexible.

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    Thanks for the great comments. @Daniele W. I think that was a great response. Maybe the interviewer didn't have a sense of humor. You took a chance on that. Sorry that it didn't pay off but it doesn't mean that it was a bad answer. @Brittany J. it's great that you were helping your husband prepare for an interview. He is absolutely right. Mock interviews are great. They get the juices flowing and calm the nerves. Yes he can ask that question. However, caution is required. He will know, by the end of the interview, if they are interested in him or not. If he doesn't sense interest, that might be a good question to ask. That way he will know whether to wait by the phone or not. That question shouldn't be asked in every interview, either. If you did a search for interview Q&A, you would see hundreds of possible questions that could be asked from both the interviewer and the interviewee. Might pay to check those out. One more thing - tell him to ALWAYS send a thank you note. Many critics say that sending a thank you by email is acceptable. I tend to disagree. There's nothing better than an old-fashioned handwritten, sent through snail mail, thank you note. All the best on the next round of interviews.

  • Daniele W.
    Daniele W.

    Because you don't need another aspirin to move forward, or dull business "headaches". You need a strong vitamin to accelerate business, and to minimize the "headaches" from happening in the first place. I was told later that I wasn't going to get the job until I said that at interview #2, there was no 3rd interview for me

  • brittany j.
    brittany j.

    Hi, John! Awesome idea for conveying why a company should hire...quick thought, my husband, the mega thinker kinda guy, has an interview coming up next week. I thought him goofy when he asked if I would rehearse a few interview scenes with him. What a great way to remove interview jitters he said. OK, all was well, he even had a script of questions I would ask and such, much like your question above. His answers seems honest and well...he is so cute when he talks about what makes him tick. :) It was fun and exciting , until just after the last question and answer, I got the cue to close with, "Do you have any questions?" His response thru ME a loop, I had never seen or heard of such confidence. I almost thought he was offending my senseabiltiy - "Is there any reason your company would not hire me?" Is this question OK to ask at an interview. I was preparing to answer questions like, vacations and pay grade; however, once I got over the shock I could see the genius in his question. HELP!!!

  • Irvin C.
    Irvin C.

    I'm a hard-working loyal employee who goes to work with the idea to get the job done

  • Michael S.
    Michael S.

    I am trustworthy,loyal and faithful to always have the drive and desires to see a task or project through to completion.

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    Thanks for the comments. All great answers!


    reliable, organized, honest, thorough and able to work under pressure.

  • Martha F.
    Martha F.

    Flexible, loyal, honesty, friendly.

  • Kasey S.
    Kasey S.

    loyal ,respective ,responsive, adjustable, and happy.

  • Joe - Jude E.
    Joe - Jude E.

    Very thoughtful and creatively weaved. Thanks

  • Ted J.
    Ted J.

    To become a good team worke,get the job done safety

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