5 Signs That Your Interview Went Well

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No matter how well you think a job interview went, the true measure of success is a bit more complicated. You can enter a job interview with confidence, answer all the questions perfectly and come prepared with a polished resume, but the only way to truly tell whether you aced an interview is to look back at the behavior of the interviewer. Here are five key signs that you might be getting a job offer.

1. The Interviewer Introduces You to the Team

While a general office tour is standard interviewing procedure for some companies, being introduced to upper management and other important company members is a sure sign that the one-on-one portion of the interview went well. Interviewers often use this meet-and-greet time to gauge a promising candidate's fit for the company culture as well as to get the opinions from other key players within the organization.

2. You Receive Questions About Your Job Hunt

If your interviewer asks about where else you are interviewing, this is a solid sign of interview success. Hiring managers ask about the job hunt to get an idea of whether a candidate has other offers on the table, allowing them a chance to come up with a tempting counteroffer. It also gives them an idea of how fast they need to make an offer to avoid risking losing the candidate to another company.

3. The Interviewer Asks for References

Most employers use references as one of the final factors when making a hiring decision, so if your interviewer asks you to send references at some point during the job interview, this may mean that you're well on your way to a job offer. On the other hand, keep in mind that some companies ask all interviewees for references as a formality.

4. You Stay for Longer Than Expected

A job interview that runs beyond the allotted time slot is a good sign, generally signaling that the interviewer wants to learn more about your experience and skill set before making a decision. On the other hand, a shorter-than-expected interview usually means that the interviewer has already decided that you're not a good fit.

5. You Receive a Promised Response Date

Vague phrases such as "We'll be in touch" at the end of job interview usually mean that the interview didn't put you on the top of the candidate list. However, if the interviewer gives you a tentative decision date, you likely made a good impression. If the interviewer asks you when you need a decision by, this is an even more positive sign.

Your interviewer's behavior is the best indicator of interview success. While you can never be 100 percent sure whether you aced a job interview until a final decision is made, these hints can help you prepare for either answer so you can maximize your job search.

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