5 Ways to Answer "What's Your Ideal Job?"

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One common job interview question is, "What's your ideal job?" Answering this is tricky, because you want to be honest without saying the job you're interviewing for is your idea of the best one. Check out five ways to answer this question honestly without seeming like you're sucking up to the boss.

The main idea of your answer to an ideal job question is to find one aspect of the current position that you really love and expand upon it. Mention something that stood out when you decided to apply for the position.

1. Working With People

Tell the interviewer that what really attracted you to this ideal job is that you get to work with people. Consider the interactions you've had with other departments and other staff at the company, and describe how those interactions with you as an outsider made you want to know more about the company and be a part of it. If you've received excellent customer service, don't forget to talk about its impact on you.

2. Delving Into the Workplace Culture

Many millennials seek out companies that fit their personality and style. Get to know the workplace culture there ahead of your interview. Stop by and see what the atmosphere is like, get to know some of your future co-workers through LinkedIn, and see what kind of reputation the company has on GlassDoor.com. When the office culture fits your personality, mention that as part of your ideal job.

3. Accept Challenges

Perhaps you are someone who likes to challenge yourself and grow. Maybe the position you applied for is a bit beyond your capabilities, but you have the confidence to make the job your own with your unique blend of hard work, personality and efficiency. Talk about how the company is growing, and you want to expand your horizons through a promotion after you prove yourself.

4. Support Others

You might enjoy a behind-the-scenes job that supports the company's main goals without necessarily being on the front lines of customer interactions. These jobs could be tech support, IT, sales support or computer programming. If you love numbers, talk about how your ideal job lets you look forward to working with a diverse group of people due to your talents that help others succeed.

5. Stay on the Leading Edge

You enjoy the opportunity to stay on the cutting edge of your industry, which is why your perfect job is with this company. Talk about how the employer's reputation as a leader in the field attracted you to the position.

Prepare yourself for this interview question by doing your research beforehand and rehearsing a response. Keep practicing until your answer sounds like a natural conversation as opposed to a memorized set of lines. Your easy-going answer should impress your interviewers.

These five ways to answer the question "What is your ideal job?" keep the conversation going during an interview. A viable response gives the employer a chance to talk to you about what it's like to work for the company before you decide to accept an offer.

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