5 Ways to Calm Your Nerves the Morning of an Interview

Carly Naaktgeboren
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Even for the most confident of job seekers, interviews are extremely intimidating.  No matter how prepared you are, they can ask questions you’re unsure how to answer. You’re walking into a room and allowing someone to fully judge you and all of your hard work and qualifications.  And how they judge you determines if you will get the job you’re vying for or not. With all of this pressure, it’s only natural that some anxiety creeps in, and that anxiety can actually hinder our interview skills. So, here are some quick and easy tips to help you beat the jitters and get the job.

  • Exercise.  I know, I know.  Exercise is on every list of helpful hints ever.  That’s because it’s true. Exercise has a myriad of benefits when it comes to nervous energy.  It produces endorphins which naturally calm us and it rids us of our excess energy that comes with anxiety. Not to mention, it lets you stop thinking about your interview for the time being.  You’re not as preoccupied with what to wear or what to bring up as your greatest weakness when you’re dancing in Zumba class, trying to hold a yoga pose, or getting those gains! Even something as simple as a morning walk can help ease tension and get you thinking clearly.
  • Have a healthy and well-rounded meal.  Again, yes diet and exercise. The best advice is to eat well the evening before and the morning of.  Fatty foods like salmon and avocado are great for your brain, healthy whole grains like oats keep you full and focused, and fruit gives you that carb energy without the heavy feeling of bread or pasta.  Maybe skip the wine the night before, and be sure to drink tons of water (go to the bathroom right before your interview). Also, if you drink caffeine, drink your usual amount, don’t overdo it. It can make you feel more anxious and then crash really hard.
  • Be mindful. Meditation, journaling, stretching or even doing some visualization exercises can also help with any morning-of concerns.  It can get you in a relaxed headspace and clear out any unnecessary chatter. Give yourself of mantra: say, “I deserve this job,” and tell yourself why.  Know your worth.

  • A big piece of advice: be prepared.  Things are much less scary when you know what you’re getting into.  Know about the company, know about the position, know what answers you’ll have to common interview questions.  It gives you a feeling of control and takes away the dreaded uncertainty.
  • Another way to gain control, make sure you’re very much on time (or early), so if that means getting to the vicinity and having so much extra time you can grab a tea, that’s great.  Rushing causes everyone stresses and leaves us feeling drained. Similarly, pick out your outfit ahead of time so that you’re not digging through your closet and complaining about how you have nothing to wear.  

Interviews are intimidating, but they can also be a place where you can show off your hard work and be proud of yourself.  Being humble goes out the window and you can give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. Remember, you did something right to be asked on an interview and by following a few steps ahead of time, you can work through the nerves and go into your interview emboldened.



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