5 Components Found in Impressive IT Resumes

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As you probably already know, the IT world is a competitive one, which makes it important for you to write an impressive resume every time to be considered for just about any technical job you want. While different hiring managers may want to see different qualifications in candidates' resumes, there are some components that are valued across the board. Let's look at five that are good to include in your IT resume:

#1: Industry-Related Keywords

Industry keywords are important on any resume, but as an IT candidate, tech keywords are crucial in showing that you are entrenched in the industry. Whether you're listing your certifications or using specific phrases for your field, you want to include them so that hiring managers and screening software know you're qualified.

#2: A Technology Section

In addition to incorporating industry-related keywords, it's good to take your resume one step further by including a technology section, especially if you have a 'worker bee' technology job such as software development. This section allows you to get more specific about the different types of programs in which you've been trained or certified.

3: Soft Skills

Another component that you want to consider adding to your IT resume to make it more impressive is a set of soft skills. You've added plenty of technical terms and explanations that can impress anyone, but how can you prove that you have a non-technical side that is also appealing? For instance, how are your communication and organizational skills? It's good to add this component to show that you're well-rounded as a candidate.

#4: Both Broad and Specific Accomplishments

Because both an HR representative and hiring manager are likely to have their hands on your resume at some point, it's good to incorporate a mix of broad and specific skills and accomplishments. The broad focus is intended to impress the HR representative who will be looking for words found in the job posting as they screen your resume. The hiring manager, on the other hand, will be looking for more specific skills that only an IT manager would understand.

#5: Perfection

A component that should be incorporated into any resume is simple perfection. This means, you don't allow one spelling error or typo to slip through when submitting your resume. As someone working in information technology, you're not allowed to make many errors. Help the company to rest assured that you'll be a detail-oriented employee by submitting a perfect resume.

There's no doubt that you will need to put a lot of thought and effort into creating an impressive IT resume. But by incorporating these five components, your chances of impressing hiring managers increase substantially.


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    Also, it's good to incorporate industry-specific keywords that show your wealth of knowledge.
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