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In one of my previous posts entitled Remembering the Common Mistakes to Avoid Making Them, I took a look at what some top job recruiters revealed when it comes to common mistakes they have experienced with candidates being interviewed. In this segment, I wish to take a look at what those same job recruiters from some major companies have to say on the topic of job search strategies.

Networking: In the previous segment, poor networking was one of the most common mistakes made according to the professionals, so it makes sense that this is a high point on the list of positive strategies. And it is worth repeating some of what was said last time. Building a network is not something you do when the time comes to begin looking for a job; it is a career-long task that you build over time. It is establishing relationships, not just enlarging your contact list. As recruiter Liz Liptrot says, “Network! Most positions are filled through employee referrals. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your friends, family, and professional network to ask for help in landing a job. “

Customized Résumé: As recruiter Mitchell Schneir puts it, “Résumés are like a painter’s canvas, there are no two paintings alike.” Each one you send to a company should be customized to focus on exactly the key point and keywords their ad and requirements specify. Do not try to take the short cut and just duplicate a pile of generic ones but make each one targeted for the job, company and skills related to the position being applied for.

Research the Company: Walking in to an interview without knowing as much as possible about the company in general and the job in specific can leave you in the dark when it comes to what types of questions you should ask them. An interview is not just one sided, you are also, in a sense, interviewing the company to determine if they are a match with your goals too. Asking questions when given the option to is an opportunity you should not pass up, and being unprepared is often looked down upon. Take recruiter Thomas Murray’s advice and “Research companies inside and out before you interview.”

Social Media: It is no surprise that when examining the top recruiting sources for most all of the recruiters examined, they all include social media as a main resource. If you are not already online in as many key sites as possible, then get to it. Also, make sure they are all representative of you as a professional, and keep them so. You never know who is watching and when. Once you are well established and have begun using social media to network, follow recruiter Dan Worthmann’s advice and, “Cross-reference every lead you get with your network. For example, if you see a great looking job at ABC Company, check your personal and Linkedin networks to see if you know of anyone who works at ABC Company. If so, they often can give you valuable insight into the company and job.“

Stay Positive: I have mentioned it many times in the past, but it is important to remember – stay positive. The job search can be a long and tiring process that takes a toll on you mentally, emotionally, and of course financially. It can get you down, and if you let it, it will begin to show during interviews, and will rob you of your energy and passion for getting the job. As recruiter Kate O’Connor puts it, “Stay positive—looking for a new job can be a long process and a positive attitude goes a long way.”

When it comes to job search tips, the list can go on and on. Hopefully the few we mentioned here will help to make possible changes to get you closer to success in the job search world. Nexxt offers many articles to help in this area, and tips like this can help keep you focused on the task at hand, and avoid making the mistakes that those before you may have stumbled upon.


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