5 Professional Certifications to Enhance Your Resume

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Though unemployment is on the decline, job seekers still face a highly competitive market. One way to increase your chances of getting hired is to create a resume that sets you apart from other contenders. While this might mean printing it out on pink paper and spritzing it with perfume, you will probably have more success if you focus on the content of your resume.

One often overlooked aspect of any resume is the Professional Certifications section. Unless your career requires that you possess specific licensing, you may overlook this part entirely. Don’t! There are several easy-to-obtain certifications that can set any job seeker apart from the competition.

#1: Knowledge Management Certification

Knowledge management is a discipline that can be used in any business situation to transform the way a company manages the knowledge its employees possess. As a certified knowledge manager, you bring the ability to leverage knowledge, collaborate, spark innovations, and strive for performance improvements that will boost sales and satisfaction among employees and customers.

Knowledge management training courses can be completed online or in person, and typically require about 5 days of time invested.

#2: CPR and First Aid Certification

Even if you aren’t looking for a job that requires any medical knowledge whatsoever, many employers are impressed with a first aid certification. CPR classes typically last for just a few hours and are very affordable to complete. Getting certified will increase your perception as responsible and calm under fire.

#3: Notary Public

Getting certified as a notary is cheap and very easy, but despite that, it can still add some weight to your resume. It’s very convenient for corporations to have a notary public on staff, so consider adding this certification to your list. What’s more, you can offer your services to others as a side business. 

#4: FEMA and OSHA Certifications

While many jobs don’t require government certifications, these are easy to obtain and can come in handy on your resume. Many are free and require only online testing, so you can receive your certifications almost immediately provided you pass the necessary tests. As with first aid certifications, these also create an image of an employee who is prepared and responsible.

#5: MCSE (Microsoft Certifications)

Although these were more popular in the 90s, many companies still require Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert certificates as part of their hiring process. Even if you don’t intend to work in IT, these are well-known certifications that are relatively easy to get and also very well-known.

Keep in mind that a many hiring managers like to see employees who are well-rounded and have a diversity of experiences. Even if the above certifications don’t seem to apply to your specific position, companies will usually appreciate the fact that you’ve gone out of your way to learn new skills and expand your set of abilities.

Remember, it’s never too late to learn something new, and you can never learn too much!


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