5 Signs That It's Time For a New Job

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Walking into work every day in an environment that causes you stress or panic can be physically and mentally debilitating. Job satisfaction is a key element in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Know the signs that it may be time for a new job to remain physically and mentally sharp and healthy.

1. Boredom

It is likely that every position sparks moments that are less than thrilling, but if you find yourself in a state of mind-numbing boredom, it may be time to launch your job search, recommends Ryan Niessen with Careerealism. Evaluate ways to find job satisfaction by reorganizing or revamping your job duties. Unsuccessful attempts to make an impact or change within your position may indicate that it is time to throw in the towel.

2. Increasing Frustration Levels

The perfect job may be just an illusion for some, but if you find yourself feeling restless and uncomfortable on a daily basis, your current position may not be the right one for you. Determine if your frustration level is boiling over into your personal life. Frustration levels that impact your personal and professional life may indicate that job satisfaction is not in your future within your current position.

3. Intense Contentment

Avoid feeling as if you are in a rut. If you find yourself feeling so content in your position and doing what you should do versus what you really want to do, it may be time to relaunch the job search. Identify why you are working for this company. Employees who continue trudging along every day because they feel as if they need to impress friends or parents are less likely to acquire job satisfaction. Chase your dreams to identify what you want to do versus what you feel like you should do.

4. Stress-Inducing Relationships

The unfortunate truth is that you will encounter unpleasant or rude co-workers or supervisors at some time in your career. Co-workers can significantly enhance or drag down your overall job satisfaction. People you work with can significantly impact your overall happiness. If you find that you are feeling uncomfortable around your co-workers and you see no way to distance yourself from the negativity, it may be time to start looking for another job. A company's culture impacts performance; therefore, an environment that does not encourage teamwork or cordial interactions can significantly bring you down.

5. Withering Dreams

The perfect job may not always be feasible, but if you find yourself constantly wondering what life would be like in another position or at another company, it may be time to start chasing your dreams. Seek out incentives within your current position to enhance your overall happiness, but if all hope is lost, it is time to move on.

The perfect position may not present itself right away, but professionals who prioritize job satisfaction open doors to new opportunities. Evaluate your overall happiness and its impact on your personal and professional life to determine if it is time to make a change.

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  • Toni S.
    Toni S.

    Yes, I can relate to the 5 points mentioned. It is definitely time for me to move on. I've been at my current job for almost 6 yrs, and the longer I'm there day in and day out I resent my supervisor more and more. She's been with the company for more than 20 yrs, but sometimes acts as if she just started a week ago. I have to go behind her and edit reports that are due each month and I get so irritated and frustrated because she should know this stuff like the back of her hand. I have to stay in "prayer mode" just to make it through the day.

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Louis thanks for your comment. Remember, as strange as this may sound, it's easier to get a new job when you are currently working than trying to get a job when you are unemployed. Although that seems counter intuitive to me, that seems to be the way things work. Best of luck in your next adventure.

  • Louis B.
    Louis B.

    Thank you for better explaining some of the feelings that have been dealing with for some time in my current work situation. I decided 2 months ago that it was time for me to move on.

  • Cynthia P.
    Cynthia P.

    Or, in my situation, it's time to retire from full time work and look for part-time employment.

  • Brian Pare
    Brian Pare

    It's time to find a new job or "gig" when the company you work for is moving to another city and you can't move with it!! Really a bummer!!

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    Thanks for the comments. @Lori thank you so much! So true - patience and perseverance are needed in today's job world. Take your time - look around - find what you really want - not just hop from one job to the next. @Jean the jobs are there - truly. Maybe you should try it from a different angle. Look for a company that interests you and then check them out. Find out if you know anyone there. Ask around. Do your due diligence and who knows - you may know someone who can hand deliver a resume. Now I had someone get really mad at me for saying that but it is still as true today as it ever was that sometimes it's not what you know but who you know. I know that's how I got my current position - by handing my resume to a friend who worked for the company. @Mary you can't give up - have to keep looking and submitting. When you least expect it, you will get the email you have been waiting for and that interview where you get to totally sell yourself. All the best.

  • Lori Wolff
    Lori Wolff

    Wouldn't you know, on my last day of work, a co-worker became offended because I asked the manager to tell the group she was in that they were chatting too loudly. I worked as a proofreader for a publishing company and often was distracted by rude employees. I am happy to say that I found a job at a local hospital and am looking forward to the position. I searched for 3-4 years and had several interviews. Patience and perseverance to all those who are still looking.

  • Jean D.
    Jean D.

    The problem I'm having is that I'm experiencing all of the five points mentioned in the article and I know I need a new postion. Yet, there seems to be a black hole when resumes go out, it's very challenging to even obtain an interview.

  • Mary Saelens
    Mary Saelens

    Yep. I can relate to all. I currently job hunting and have been for quite a while. Never give up. And won't quit until I have so.ething else to back it up with. Thank you.

  • John Hall
    John Hall

    I have been struggling with peers that just don't want to follow customer specified requirements...They just roll their eyes and sigh when I bring it up. Behavior at my job is like being back in middle a boo as well. It's time for me to start looking again!

  • Ari- Athanasios L.
    Ari- Athanasios L.

    I then need another job

  • Damion P.
    Damion P.

    Sounds like I will be job hunting

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    Thanks everyone for your comments. @Crystal you need to find another job. NO ONE should ever have to take verbal abuse like that. It certainly would affect both your work and your home life. Start looking and move on. @Alan you are so right. You should try to always have another position to go to - unless you are financially stable and can withstand long-term unemployment. I think that there comes a time in everyone's career when they need a change. It's how you go about that change that makes the difference. If you feel that it's time to move on, start your job search. Once you have that new position, then you can put in your notice. And please - don't just up and quit if you can help it. Give notice and as @Jeff said - work up until the last minute of your employment. Two weeks is the typical amount of notice that most employers expect. Don't ever burn your bridges, either. No matter how bad, never badmouth the company or anyone who works there. The world is not as large as it once was due to social media. You never know who knows somebody who knows your former supervisor or even who knows the hiring manager at a new company. Best of luck to all of you.

  • Natasha S.
    Natasha S.

    Yes I am going through this now and getting overloooked for positions...I have to make a change...

  • Mara O.
    Mara O.

    I left my job for these reasons, as well. The boss acted like a king and his staff, his feifsom. I can only hope there are people out there happy in their jobs.

  • crystal b.
    crystal b.

    It is terribly stressful at my job. My boss likes to cuss at me and talk down to me, call me at home, vacation, etc. It has been like this for 3+ years now. I have been struggling with making the decision to leave or stay because I don't have another job to go to at the moment but it has started impacting my family life also.

  • Alan R.
    Alan R.

    I quit my job for all the same reasons. Unfortunately I didn't have another and am now unemployed for some time. Don't give up your current job unless you can financially support yourself for some time or have another job.

  • Carlos C.
    Carlos C.

    Thanks for the closure !! I recently quit my do to all of these reasons ! The higher ups just saw me as a threat because I was simply doing my job.

  • Jeff L.
    Jeff L.

    I'm thinking that regardless, don't burn your bridges. Quit right, doing your best until your last clock out. That counts for a lot when some future hr functionary calls for a reference.

  • jennifer m.
    jennifer m.

    I am very stressed on the job I go to work at 11:00and get off at 4:00and do not make enough money and yes I am job Hunting

  • BETTY M.
    BETTY M.

    I been feeling all of this and thx for the confirmation,imm still looking.

  • Kevin Adjani
    Kevin Adjani

    All of the above make perfect sense. Thank you

  • Michelle P.
    Michelle P.

    So true, I will be working on my resume very soon. Thank you.

  • Willena E.
    Willena E.

    I agree with the five reasons, I prefer to be a chaplain here in my hometown.

  • Karen N.
    Karen N.

    Let me dust off my resume

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