5 Tips to Help Determine if a Career Shift is Right for You

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If you're hardworking and driven, you'll likely achieve success in any career. However, it's also important to be fulfilled and happy, and if your current job doesn't deliver, it might be time for a career shift. The thought of changing careers might overwhelm you, especially if you've worked hard to climb the corporate ladder and have made great strides. These five tips can help you determine if making a career shift is the right decision.

1. Measure Your Job Satisfaction

If the excitement for your position or industry completely waned after a few months or a couple of years, you've probably considered making a career shift. Does your work give you a feeling of personal and professional accomplishment? Do you have the resources and tools to do your job well? Does your company value its employees? These are just some questions that can help you measure your overall job satisfaction and determine if making a career shift is the right choice.

2. Consider Your Income

Your income impacts your overall quality of life. It determines where you live, the activities you get to enjoy and so much more. Even if you love your job, you likely considered making a career shift if your income is simply too low. Are you able to work in the same industry or even perform the same job for a company that pays a much higher salary? If so, making a career change wouldn't be a bad idea.

3. Connect With Professionals in Your Desired Industry

If you're thinking of switching industries altogether, connect with others in your desired industry, as they can help you determine if attempting a career shift is the best move. Find out if executives in your desired field are receptive to individuals with little or no relevant work experience or education. Attend industry events, and if possible, find a mentor who's willing to share information and refer you to jobs.

4. Consider Your Skills and Experience

Evaluate your skill set, and determine if you can use them in your new field. If so, you might not have to completely start from scratch. Find out what employers in your new industry want and need. If you can fill a void within the industry or bring something completely new to the table, making a career shift shouldn't be too difficult.

5. Determine Your Desired Lifestyle

Determining the type of lifestyle you want can help you decide if changing careers is the right move. Did you start your career as a single person and now want to enter a more flexible industry so you can spend more time with your growing family? Do you want a global career that allows you to travel the world? Figure out exactly what you want, and find out if there is an industry out there that suits your desired lifestyle.

It's not uncommon for a person to change careers multiple times before finding the position or company that's a perfect fit. The process might be challenging, but the effort is well worth it. Consider these five tips if you're thinking of making a career shift, and be ready to explain to executives exactly why making this shift is the best decision you could make for your career and life.

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