5 Ways To Tell If Your Interview Went Well

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So, how can you know if your interview was successful? Being offered a job is the best indicator, but there are a few other things that can give you clues. Here are 5 things to look for:

You get a clear timeframe. If a recruiter gives you a firm answer about when you'll hear back, it's usually a good sign. Of course, sometimes a company will have a strict timeline in mind, but for the most part, they leave themselves open to making a decision, even if it takes longer. So, if the recruitertells you that you should hear word by next Wednesday, it's a good sign. If the recruiter is vague about it, it can mean that the company hasn't made up its mind and that it still has other interviews to conduct.

The interview takes longer than scheduled. If the interview is quick, then it means that you didn't impress the recruiter. Typically what happens is that someone who interviewed before you was someone who they really want to hire. It's bad manners to cancel an interview, so instead, the subsequent interviews are shorter. With this in mind, if your interview takes longer than scheduled, it means that the employer really wants to hear what you had to say. Even if you don't end up getting a job offer, you can feel confident that the employer was at least interested and had seriously considered you for the job.

The recruiter talks about personal stuff or shares jokes. When the formal interview questions and answers are over and the conversation turns to chit chat or personal bonding, it means that the employer really wants to know who you are. The recruiter is looking for common ground and so far, you’re an attractive candidate. It's half the battle and it's a clear sign that they are seriously considering you. If an interviewer isn't impressed with your resume or you lack some required skill, an interviewer wouldn't waste valuable time chatting with you just to make you feel better. Although you might not always get a job offer after an interview like this, being personable and likeable can help you get the job.

The interviewer discusses the problems with the position. If the interviewer shares with you some of the problems that the previous employee had or talks about the details of the challenges of the position, it means that  he or she is wondering if you can handle the job. Typically, an interviewer doesn't give this type of information to people who aren’t qualified for the job. An interviewer may talk details with a handful of people, trying to decide which person to hire.

You make plans with them for the position. When this happens, it's very, very likely that you'll be getting a job offer. If you and the hiring manager begin brainstorming and coming up with a strategy for success, it's a really good sign. It means that the hiring manager is already picturing you in the job, which is exactly what you want. In order to get to this place, you had to impress them with your understanding of the company and its needs. Even if you don't get the job, this is a clear sign that you are doing all that you can and that you're on the right track.

What other signs do you look for during an interview? Have you ever known that you weren't going to get a job based solely on the interviewer’s behavior? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


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  • Melissa Kennedy
    Melissa Kennedy
    Thanks for the great comments! Just because an interview went well doesn't mean you'll get the job. However, it does mean that you are being seriously considered, which counts for a lot. It lets you know that you are doing all that you can to stand out. Maybe it wasn't the right opportunity for you. Even if your interview goes well, don't forget to send a thank you note and make a follow up call.
  • carmen f
    carmen f
    All the above happened for me....interview went well all the good signs,they say you will here from us in one week...never here back,no thank you,no answer...very stressful,waste money for gas,time to prepare what to say,and not even thank you for coming to interview,or something....This was very helpful!
  •  Candice B
    Candice B
    I agree with this article.  It is nice to be able to self-evaluate a bit after an interview.  When I interview, I am also wanting to know that the candidate knows at least something about the corportation.  Also, overconfidence can be somewhat of a negative, depending on the type of position.  I think overconfidence might be expected in Sales, but not so much in another position.  I also think you owe people an answer even if they did not get a position...at least send them an email.
  • MaShell K
    MaShell K
    This was very helpful! I interviewed twice with a company in the past 2 weeks. I was asked at the second interview to come in and sit with the person that I would be hired to replace because the interviewer valued her feedback when it came to making a decision. I was told prior to sitting with her that it was her last week, but on the day that I went in to sit with her I was told that, that day was actually her last day. While in the office with the interviewer, completing some background check paperwork, he actually made casual conversation with me. I am still waiting to hear back from this company as to their final decision on the job, which should come this week.
  • Aijaz M
    Aijaz M
    The comments offered in the above article make sense except "You get a clear timeframe". It has happened to me twice.  The interviewer told me to hear from him on 2 days. In both cases the HR called me on the promised dates that they 'll not be proceeding with my application.  I do not know other people had the same experience.  But I appreciated the company calling me as per promise, because I would have done the same if I were in their position.  It is called discipline and honesty.  Anyway, it is a common sense article.
  • Grant S
    Grant S
    Great article, and very relevant to my job search right now.  Had an interview last week, and felt very good about it, but then the nerves would hit me and I would worry that I said the wrong thing, etc.  This article gave me a way to grade how well the interview actually went.It has been a really long time since I honed my interviewing skills, so this article is a great help.
  • Regina D
    Regina D
    your tips are very informing. There are things that I did not know. thank you for informing me.

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