6 Work Habits to Give Up Now

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Whether you're too busy to notice or you just don't realize the impact they have on your career, certain bad habits can affect the way others perceive you. Rather than letting unsavory customs ruin your reputation or detract from your credibility, break these bad habits today.

1. Being Late

Showing up late for work, even just a few minutes, every day does not send a good message. The same applies to meetings with co-workers, clients, business partners and vendors. If you're constantly rushed, take the time to prepare for meetings and pay close attention to the clock so you arrive promptly. This lets others know that you respect their time and manage yours well.

2. Slouching

Ditch the bad habit of slouching, whether you're working at your desk, sitting in a meeting or standing at the water cooler. Even if you're tired, make an effort to maintain proper posture. Slouching makes you seem unenthusiastic and disinterested. If you slouch when you're talking, your message may come across as weak and disconnected.

3. Talking Fast

If you're often in a hurry or bogged down by work, you may talk fast to try to save time. This bad habit of cutting corners in communication can lead to misunderstandings. Further, others may think you're overwhelmed with workload and unable to keep up with your assigned duties. Take the time to speak clearly and deliver your words with confidence.

4. Partying

While an active social life is not typically an issue, hard partying is a bad habit that can harm your career. Showing up for work tired or hungover can garner you a reputation that doesn't bode well for your professional appearance, and calling off every Monday morning could cost you your job. Additionally, consider how all those drunken Facebook photos look to hiring managers when you're applying for a promotion.

5. Using Devices

You may think that working a report on your laptop, responding to an email on your smartphone or reviewing a memo on your tablet during a meeting makes you look like a dedicated employee, but think again. This bad habit makes you appear unfocused and uncommitted to the topic at hand. If you take your devices along to a meeting, keep them out of sight.

6. Cursing

Whether you're caught up in a heated conversation or you slip up and utter a curse word, quickly apologize for your blunder and vow to do better next time. Cursing in the office is a bad habit that may offend others and makes you appear unprofessional and immature.

Good impressions aren't just for job interviews. You want to uphold a credible reputation throughout your employment to ensure a successful career and the respect you deserve. Break these bad habits to keep your credibility intact.

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