6 Principles to Being a Great Leader

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What makes a great leader? Do you think it's how a leader accomplishes a goal, no matter how big or small? What about inspiring others to rise to the occasion? The qualities of leadership can be undefinable, yet you know what makes you want to follow someone to the ends of the Earth. Discover these six principles that turn ordinary people into extraordinary leaders.

1. Strengths Versus Weaknesses

A great leader understands his strengths and weaknesses. He rises to the occasion whenever necessary, yet he also recognizes when he does not have the skills or knowledge to achieve an objective alone. A strong leader delegates tasks to another team member as needed, and he doesn't feel inadequate when it's time to let another person take the reins on a project.

2. Facing the Unknown

A strong team moves forward despite unknown circumstances because a great leader typically has a plan. Leaders know what to do if something goes awry or if more resources are needed to solve problems. Leaders also communicate well with team members when problems surface, and they respond to the inquiries and concerns of workers without frustration. Embracing the unknown also means listening to people who can provide great ideas for change and innovation.

3. Growth and Development

A great leader does not hesitate to grow along with his team. Build a winning company culture that includes two-way communication, listening to new ideas and investing in making the team better. Know what kind of training everyone needs to stay on top of the latest trends to keep the company competitive and to ensure workers are prepared for future situations.

4. Team Concept

Understand that nothing happens without a team effort. A great leader realizes that he needs to credit the team with victories, and he also must be willing to learn from failures and make improvements whenever necessary. To get better, the team and team leader must work together. Team leaders help provide the right tools and implement the training plan, but the efforts are cohesive.

5. Mission-oriented

Extraordinary leaders remember the overall mission of the company while remaining focused on goals. What's the mission of your team? Why does your team exist within the overall scope of the company? When the team recognizes why things happen the way that they do, they are far more engaged with the project at hand.

6. Passion

Always stay passionate about your leadership. Your passion shows through every day, and it encourages the team to follow you into battle. When you show enthusiasm, the rest of your team follows, even during bad times or when failures happen.

These six principles can help turn you into a great leader, whether you're a business owner, mid-level manager or entry-level worker. Practice these concepts daily to gain some dedicated, loyal followers.

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