7 Questions You Might be Asked for a Temp Position

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Scoring a temp position can be a great way to gain some extra work experience and cash between jobs. If you want to make a great impression during the job interview, get ready for a few common questions that many employers use to gauge potential hires for temp positions.

1. "Why are you interested in a temporary position?"

From the need for extra cash to the desire to try out different industries, workers seek temp positions for a variety of motives. Employers ask this question to gain a better overall understanding of who you are as a worker and where you stand in your career path.

2. "Would you consider becoming a full-time employee?"

According to the Career Muse, more than 42 percent of employers are interested in retaining workers who take on a temp position. This question gives the employer a solid understanding of your intentions and career goals. For instance, if you answer "yes," the employer may dedicate more time and resources to your onboarding process since you might become a permanent hire. Although you may change your mind over time, answer this question as truthfully as you can to avoid false expectations.

3. "What do you hope to gain from this temporary position?"

Whatever your motive for seeking a temp position, employers want to know that you're looking to learn from every work opportunity that comes your way. Brainstorm a few key takeaways from the temp position to show the employer that you're taking the opportunity seriously.

4. "What stresses you out on the job?"

Temp positions normally pop up during peak business periods and new projects, meaning that workers must be able to stay calm even during high-stress situations. Employers ask this question to ensure temp hires are well-equipped for the job at hand.

5. "Could you describe your communication style?"

Every team develops a communication style that keeps workers in the loop, maximizes valuable feedback and minimizes miscommunication. Workers in temp positions have less time to adapt, so express your flexibility and willingness to quickly pick up your new team's preferred communication methods.

6. "Are you a team player, or do you prefer to work alone?"

While most companies are on the lookout for temp workers who can fit seamlessly into existing work teams, others seek freelancer-style candidates that enjoy working more freely. Asking this question is a way for the employer to determine whether you’re a good fit for the company's needs and office culture.

7. "When have you had to adapt quickly on the job?"

Accepting a temp position means having a short time span to learn the ropes, so employers look for proof that you can adapt quickly to maximize your value as a temp worker. Come up with one or two concrete examples of drastically switching projects, taking on a new role, or learning a new skill or software program.

Job interview questions vary from one employer to the next, but at least a few of these are likely to come up when you're interviewing for a temp position. Be sure to brainstorm your answers beforehand to increase your chances of getting the job.

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