8 Must-Have Apps for Real Estate Agents

Nancy Anderson
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From the iPhone to the iPad to an Android, mobile devices do more than let you make calls and read books. The wide array of applications available today can turn your phone into a portable computer capable of managing your appointments, properties and business notes. While some apps must be purchased for a fee, many others are totally free. In addition, be aware that not all apps are available for every mobile device.

Google Maps: This is THE app for busy professionals who need to navigate to new locations frequently. Use your phone’s voice command to search for the address and then use Google’s turn-by-turn navigation system to get you there quickly and without any unexpected detours.

Zillow: This free real estate app uses your GPS location to bring up a map of listed homes and recently sold properties in the area. Use the ‘Make Me Move’ listings to help you scout out potential new clients.

Karl’s Mortgage Calculator: This simple app lets you input interest rates and loan details to instantly estimate mortgage payments for potential buyers. Handy graphs and charts to boot!

BlackTrack Lite for Real Estate Professionals: Available for Blackberry users, BlackTrack Lite offers a free business management tool for busy brokers. It logs your email and phone activity and can be set up to email you a summary of your activity as well as notes.

HootSuite: Manage all your social media sites in one place. Use HootSuite to schedule tweets and facebook posts. Social media marketing is an essential tool for business success in the 21st Century, and HootSuite makes creating an effective online campaign effortless.

Documents to Go: Allows you to open Microsoft Office files, Google docs and PDF files from your phone. A must have for anyone looking to access email attachments while on the road.

Pandora: The gold standard in internet radio, Pandora might not have an obvious real estate use. However, it offers fabulous potential for open houses when a little mood music might put visitors in a buying mood. You can search by a particular song or genre, and Pandora will play a selection of similar tunes.

aFlashlight: There are a number of flashlight apps available on the market. Some turn your entire screen into a bright light while others may use your camera flash bulb for illumination. These handy apps come in handy, particularly when showing vacant properties or ones with dark, musty basements.

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