8 Strategies for Improving Student Motivation

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College life can be grand, but also a terrifying time for many new college students. There is a lot to learn and a great deal to experience. It can be overwhelming for some students, so here are some general tips that can help make this time less stressful.

Studying is essential to your success as a college student as is learning to motivate yourself and keep that motivation during the trying times. Whether you are living at home while attending a local college or have moved out on your own for the first time, you need to develop good study habits and know how to be your own personal motivator. Most students will encounter at least one moment where they feel like giving up, so knowing how to press on and stay motivated and apply yourself will serve you well.


  1. Be realistic with your class schedule. Can you really manage 5 classes in one semester? Is pushing yourself with 12 hour days 2 days a week going to work? Will you really get up in time for that 8am class? These are things you have to consider when working up your schedule for each and every semester.

  2. Be mindful of your classes. If possible, do not load yourself up with a lot of classes that will be hard or involve a lot of study time. Try to divvy up the easy and harder classes so you do not kill yourself. If a hard semester is unavoidable, then try to give yourself an easier semester afterward so you do not burn out.

  3. Take advantage of free events. The free activities on campus can be a great way to relieve stress. Take part in the games on Club Day, or enjoy free food at one of the special events. Taking an hour from your study session to get some good food, see friends, and get out and moving can make a world of difference in your attitude with your studies when you go back to the books after the break. If the events have motivational speakers it is also a good idea to make time to listen to what they have to offer the student body.

  4. Do not let your social life interfere with your study. It is fine to be a social butterfly and have lots of friends, but not at the expense of your grades. These few years of college can set the stage for the rest of your adult life, so remember to keep the social life in moderation and focus on your academics for these years.

  5. Make sure you attend all of class. Sometimes the important announcements are made at the start of class so if you are 10 minutes late, you miss the announcements. Other teachers make the announcements at the end of class and if you skip out early you will miss it. So, be sure to attend all of the classes - no matter how boring of a class it may be.

  6. Study groups can be helpful. The important thing to remember is to keep the group small enough so you will actually study and not just spend the hour talking and socializing. It is also helpful to have a mix of students – those who know the material and just want to review it and those who really need help understanding. A study group that is entirely made up of students who are lost or confused may not be the best idea.

  7. Visit the library or computer lab. It is not just for the geeks and nerds. The library is where you should go for help with that research paper as librarians are trained to help you find and cite your sources for such assignments. The computer lab is your window to the abundant resources of the internet. These are two places you should be visiting weekly.

  8. Visit your teachers before or after class. This is a life saver for many students. Meeting with teachers can give you access to tips and some one-on-one time with the teacher. It also shows you are willing to work hard and go the extra mile to understand the material and do well. This will help if the time ever comes near the end of the semester and you are borderline on a grade. A record of initiative on your part might help boost you up to that next grade level.

These are just some good tips to get you started as you begin your journey through college life. These tips have served many students well and they will do the same for you to provide the hope and motivation you need to see your academic goals met!

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    The learners I have known would--and will--benefit from this. Thank you!

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