9 Tips to Nail the Interview

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Job interviews give qualified candidates an opportunity to stand out among other applicants. Competition is fierce in the job market, so whether you're a recent college graduate just beginning your career or a top-level executive in search of a more challenging role, you must impress employers to increase your chance of landing the job. Follow these nine tips to ensure you always nail the job interview.

1. Research the Company

Learn as much as possible about the organization before attending a job interview. This demonstrates your interest in the company and prepares you if the interviewer asks questions about the company's goals, philosophy or unique work practices.

2. Study the Job Description

Study the job description thoroughly to gain a full understanding of what the employer wants, and nail the job interview by tailoring your responses to fit the job requirements. While reading through the job description, think of situations that prove that you meet specific qualifications, and jot the information down. Craft responses to common interview questions using this information to thoroughly impress employers.

3. Be Polite to Everyone

You never know who you'll meet while parking your car, waiting for the elevator or making a quick trip to the restroom. Be polite and courteous to everyone who crosses your path. If you have the opportunity to engage in small talk about the weather or a popular sports event, do so graciously.

4. Prepare Questions for the Interviewer

Never end a job interview without asking questions, as this further demonstrates your interest in the position. Employers expect interviewees to ask questions, so it's a good idea to prepare a few in advance. Make sure your questions are specific and directly related to the position, company or industry.

5. Brag About Your Accomplishments

Don't hesitate to brag about your achievements at previous companies. Explain how you came up with an idea that increased production by 20 percent or developed a marketing plan that positively impacted the organization's bottom line. Don't provide generic answers to interview questions. Instead, provide answers that make employers view you as an asset.

6. Remain Professional

Maintain your professionalism during the job interview, even in laid-back business environments. Show up early, use correct grammar, and speak with a professional tone. Avoid using popular slang or industry jargon, even if you hear others talking this way.

7. Listen Intently

Listen to everything the interviewer says to ensure you gather as much valuable information as possible. Listening intently also prevents an interviewer from having to repeat himself. Never cut the interviewer off, and only ask questions when prompted.

8. Be Yourself

Increase your chances of nailing an interview by being yourself. Interviewers can sense a lack of authenticity almost immediately during job interviews, so it's important to relax and be authentic to truly impress recruiters.

9. Inquire About the Next Steps

Once the interview ends, inquire about the next steps in the hiring process. Even if you nailed the interview, this simple action demonstrates a genuine interest in the position and can set you apart from other candidates.

Employers generally want to find the best candidate as quickly as possible. Nail your job interview by preparing thoroughly and developing a solid interview strategy that leaves a lasting impression and increases your chance of getting hired.

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  • Helena M.
    Helena M.

    You saved my life, thanks for sharing!

  • Marshall Newman
    Marshall Newman

    No call no interview

  • Elizabeth Brown
    Elizabeth Brown

    Great tips, I have used them last time and got my job!

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