Achieving Workplace Resolutions

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The New Year is upon us, and for many people it brings fresh ambition to achieve new personal and professional goals. However, for some, the task of making changes in the New Year is an overwhelming challenge that may cause them to cringe at the sheer sound of the idea. A lot of people set personal goals or resolutions such as losing weight, eating healthier, reducing debt or saving more money. But, it is important not to forget to also establish professional goals or resolutions that can help you further your career, improve your workplace environment and overall well-being. Nexxt, a network of more than 15,000 online niche career communities polled its members to ask “What is the most important workplace goal you would like to achieve in 2008?” A 57 percent majority of respondents feel that 2008 is a year for maintaining a healthy work-life balance followed by furthering education (18%) staying organized (15%) and improving workplace relationships (10%). This finding clearly showcases the growing demand by employees for increased work-life balance, and validates the recent trend by employers to offer innovative benefits that promote and foster a healthy balance and increase retention and overall employee satisfaction. More companies than ever are offering such benefits as: on site fitness facilities, flexible work weeks and telecommuting options, just to name a few.
To have the best chance of succeeding with workplace goals for the New Year, professionals should set resolutions that are achievable and have the ability to keep them motivated. Setting unrealistic expectations could result in losing motivation and giving up on a resolution altogether. Below are a few simple tips on how to achieve workplace goals in the New Year:
  • Take Every Opportunity – Take advantage of work-life benefits offered by your employer; feel free to suggest ideas that will help you meet your goal while still being productive.
  • Devise A Realistic Strategy - Although you may know what you want to do this year, chances are you don’t have the first clue how to achieve them. Create a detailed plan that will help you easily measure and reach your goals. Plan the work, and work the plan!
  • Set the Bar Appropriately – A goal that looks intimating from the start will probably never be accomplished. Instead of planning to never work on vacation, set a resolution to limit time spent checking email messages to 15 minutes per day.
  • Utilize The People Who Know You Best – Enlist friends and co-workers to encourage and support you in reaching a resolution.
  • Make Daily Reminders – Jot down your daily successes and failures; use failures as suggestions for improvement. Place daily reminders in your computer calendar and receive daily notices of encouragement. Lastly, don’t be afraid to have others personally remind you.
While your workplace resolutions may seem overwhelming at first, the goal is to stay focused and continue to make progress. Before you know it, you will have achieved your goals! For more career-related tips and resources, please visit our Career Resources for more information.

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  • Melissa Kennedy
    Melissa Kennedy
    Thanks for the great comments!@Pro Nurse - I have trouble staying organized as well.@Mitchell - Traveling nursing is certainly on the rise. It seems to provide many benefits, although the constant travel is sometimes difficult, especially for those who have small children or family obligations.
  • Professional Nurse
    Professional Nurse
    Thanks for the post!  Those elements are all different for each person.  I think staying organized is my biggest challenge.
  • professional nurse
    professional nurse
    I think furthering my education would be a great goal.  I will set that for 2011
  • professional nurse
    professional nurse
    great article, very helpful. Utilizing people who know you best is a very interesting idea. thanks!
  • Mitchell Pellecchia
    Mitchell Pellecchia
    I was inspired to see how travel nursing as a career fits in so well with the life-enhancing points you speak to in "Achieving Workplace Resolutions." Because nursing is plagued with burnout and fatigue, more RNs and allied health professionals, such as Physical Therapists, Surgical Techs and others, are choosing the benefits of travel nursing -- and some have indeed made it their New Year's Resolution! Travel nurses  make substantially more money than permanent position nurses, they receive free private housing, get free health insurance and education credits, work 40 hour work weeks at only the best hospitals, make double overtime pay (when they choose to work overtime), are eligible for sign on, completion and referral bonuses and travel tax-free. Travel nursing literally defines taking advantage of employer work-life benefits!  Education and professional development is ongoing in the traveling nurse profession and the bar is always high in terms of lifestyle perks such as unlimited outdoor recreation, more time with family and friends, the knowledge gained through travel and the freedom and flexibility of working when you want, where you want. Networking and making friends is a welcome by-product of travel nursing and client service support is important to companies such as American Traveler really make the profession the outstanding career choice that it is for seasoned professionals and those new to nursing. Happy New Years!- Mitch PellecchiaTravel nursing writer
  • Farooq Nawaz Khan
    Farooq Nawaz Khan
    Dress for SuccessIt is important to dress professionally at work. Employers appreciate workers that take pride in their job, and by taking the extra step to look your best, you demonstrate that you take your position and company seriously.

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