Allowing Remote Work Decreases Turnover Rates

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Employee retention is critical to the success of any business. Hiring and training new team members requires a significant amount of time and money, and high employee turnover rates decrease morale. Providing employees with remote work opportunities can be an effective way to reduce turnover rates, resulting in a more productive and profitable company. Here are some reasons why you should consider allowing employees to work from home some or even all of the time.

Remote Work Provides a Change of Pace

Monotony stands in the way of productivity. It's easy for employees to get burnt out when every day is the same. Remote work allows employees to enjoy new environments and experiences, keeping the job fresh and interesting. After working a day at home, and then another at the local coffee shop, an employee is going to be much more excited to spend the next day at the office. Sometimes working from home is the absence that makes the heart grow fonder.

Telecommuting Establishes Trust

When employees feel truly valued and trusted, they're going to be much more engaged with the company. Providing your team with remote work opportunities is a great way to show you trust them to work unsupervised. Nobody likes being micromanaged, and remote work provides a sense of freedom and responsibility that really encourages professional growth.

Less Employees Means More Resources

Employees who participate in remote work programs don't take up any office space, drink water, use office supplies or take the elevator. When there are less people, your company's physical and mental resources expand. With a lower person-to-chair ratio, the remaining staff can enjoy a more relaxing and spacious work environment, improving morale and boosting employee retention.

Happy Employees Are More Productive

Employees often quit when they aren't satisfied with their work-life balance. People who spend too much time at work often get frustrated and overwhelmed. Providing remote work opportunities is a great way to give your employees the personal space they need while still ensuring their workflow contribution continues uninterrupted.

Reduce Wasted Time

In an in-person office environment, there are plenty of distractions. From long company meetings to water cooler chats, wasted time is wasted money. With a telecommuting work arrangement, the focus is on getting work done. You can communicate quickly and effectively through email, phone calls or video calls. Remote work encourages the manager and the employees to focus on relevant work-related projects, rather than socializing.

If you're considering offering remote work for your trusted employees, start small. Give them one or two work-from-home days per week, and see how it pans out. If it goes well, you can provide more opportunities, or even allow efficient employees to work from home full time. Remote work isn't always the most practical option, but it can be a powerful way to keep employees happy so they stick with your company long term.

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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Candace S thanks for your comment. Just go to your account and, at the top you will see a text box for Job Title or Keywords. Simply type in remote transcription and see what follows. Pay attention to the ads that come up because you could find some great sites from it in addition to our offerings. You shouldn't have any issues finding what you are looking for. All the best.

  • Candace S.
    Candace S.

    Nancy - any suggestions on how to search for transcribing or editing type jobs from home? I am a retired paralegal but would like to bring in some extra money. Thanks. Candy

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    Thanks for the comments. @Donna A, the remote jobs are out there. Try searching for virtual, work from home, telecommute and the like. That might bring up more of what you are seeking. @Debbie T oh how very true. All it takes is one bad apple to ruin it for everyone. Personally I am remote and LOVE it. But truly it's not for everyone. People think that because they work from home, no one is going to know what they do. So NOT true. The bottom line is, if you work from home but are not producing, you will be back in the office before you know it and will make it hard for others who are willing to do the work and not think that it's just goof-off time because - well, who is going to know?

  • Debbie T.
    Debbie T.

    @Missy agree, working remotely is not for everyone and those that is abuse it make it hard for everyone.

  • Donna A.
    Donna A.

    I am looking for a remote job. I know they are out there but having trouble finding a "real" remote job. I have the time, kind of a jill of all trades, and a real interest in working from home. Does any one have a good suggestion? Donna

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Missy A thanks for your comment. It seems that remote work is becoming more and more common now. As more and more employers see the benefits to both sides, hopefully they will allow more remote work - even if it's only one or two days a week. The benefit for them is that there is no overhead for you. They don't have to provide you with a work place, equipment, phone, etc. Of course you know that there are those out there who abuse the great benefit and make the rest of us look bad. Working from home certainly is not for everyone, either. It can definitely feel "remote" - like out of sight, out of mind. You can feel like your on an island - isolated from everyone. Those who are social and need that interaction will be very unhappy working remotely. Hope you find your next great remote position @Missy A.

  • Missy A.
    Missy A.

    I worked from home for 3 years. I loved it and would love to get back to a real career working from home. The advantage for the company was i gave extended hours daily and took care of things over the weekend. The advantage for me was being able to manage household work in between projects. I worked longer hours but was always on top of things and had time on days off to enioy life instead of catching up on cleaning and other chores. This was a great work/life balance for me.

  • Teresa R.
    Teresa R.

    I currently work from home and would love to find another insurance position that would allow me to continue to work from home

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Jacquelyn F thanks for your comment. I feel the same way. I could never go back into an office again. I don't miss the office gossip but, being remote can be lonely. Remote work is not for everyone. I hear from job seekers all of the time who thought that remote work was the way to go! Work from home in your pjs. That's usually okay for a week or so but then the need for that social interaction raises its ugly head and they want to go back to the office. The bottom line is that, when you work remotely, you have to be your own best motivator and get your work done. All the best on finding your next remote position!

  • Jacquelyn F.
    Jacquelyn F.

    I agree working Remotely is the greatist thing. I enjoy working more from home or even on the go because you don't get caught up in the office gossip, lack of interest and of course dealing with the crazy daily traffic. I am more focused and can come up with even better ways of doing my job. I have loved every minute that i worked from home. I am looking now for another job working remotely.

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