An Exercize in Leadership Purpose

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Administrative assistants are tasked with a plethora of projects and job duties, but one of the most important characteristics needed to succeed in the position is leadership traits. Develop a leadership purpose to prove your worth as a competent and successful employee while serving your internal and external clients.

Create a Call to Action

Succeed in your position by clearly understanding the purpose of your job. Administrative assistants must first visualize their success and identify how they want to serve the company and its employees and clients. Develop a list of priorities to streamline your workflow, and then create goals and values to model your behavior to the goals and mission of the company. Plan your day with these values and priorities in mind to effectively manage multiple projects.

Develop a Purpose

Know the importance of your role within the company by setting standards for success that model common leadership traits. Administrative assistants who want to leave a legacy and impact the company's financial goals and productivity are more likely to follow through with tasks and excel within their positions. Clarify your duties with your immediate supervisor and inquire about ways you can simplify processes within the company. Meet with members of the organization to clearly understand their needs. When you have a clear purpose and job description that identify how you fit within the company, you have a clear goal and action plan to succeed.

Visualize Success

Administrative assistants who exude a positive attitude have the opportunity to further impact the company's success. Mentally prepare yourself for the day by creating to-do lists after meeting with the clients and employees you serve. Create a goal for each day and visualize the outcome to motivate your efforts. Use your senses to gauge what your supervisors and co-workers require to perform their jobs at capacity. Administrative assistants who are clearly aware of how they impact the company and can visualize their role are likely to better prioritize their daily tasks to meet these expectations.

Create Partnerships

Make yourself a valuable asset to the company by creating partnerships with executives, clients and employees. Find ways to motivate the staff while serving as an example on a daily basis. Get to know how the employees and supervisors operate so you can complete tasks and prepare materials well before they are required. To make yourself a key member of the team, simplify office processes by predicting what the staff needs from you.

Administrative assistants hold crucial roles within a company. Developing leadership strategies to effectively manage projects, serve the staff and lead as an example is a skill that not only helps improve productivity but also inspires others and enhances morale within the workplace.

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