Are Recruiters Put Off by Your Resume?

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Standing out among other candidates and landing a professional job starts with making a strong first impression. Your resume is your introduction to recruiters, so it must illustrate your skills, experience and passion for the industry. It's also important to ensure your document doesn't put off recruiters. Avoid making these six resume mistakes to increase your chances of impressing recruiters and landing an interview.

1. Typos

Typos on a resume might not seem like a big deal, but a single typo can instantly turn off recruiters. A typo communicates your lack of attention to detail, and recruiters often seek candidates who are detail-oriented. Perform a thorough spell check, and review your resume multiple times for correct grammar. As an extra precaution, have a friend, relative or colleague review the document before submission.

2. Distractions

Most recruiters consider fancy fonts, perfumes, images and other enhancements to be very distracting, so keep your resume simple and professional to avoid turning off recruiters. Use a standard resume format, and include bullet lists to ensure your document is easy to read. Use white or manila paper and black lettering, and choose professional-looking fonts, such as Times New Roman or Cambria.

3. Too Long

Job recruiters are extremely busy and generally put off by resumes that are too long. Try your best to create a one-page resume, and only list relevant education and job experience on the document. If this is not possible, add another page, but make absolutely sure your document isn't longer than two pages.

4. Not Qualified

Don't waste a recruiter's time by submitting a resume if you're not qualified for the position. Review the job posting thoroughly, and make sure your skills and qualifications match those listed by the company. Go a step further by explaining how your skills and experience can produce great results for the organization. For example, include "My marketing degree and extensive experience running a successful sales team can help your company boost its clientele."

5. Flashy Language

It's not uncommon for job candidates to use slang or industry jargon in a resume in an attempt to connect with recruiters. Don't use this strategy, as recruiters might feel like you're trying too hard. Keep things simple when crafting your resume. Use proper grammar, and avoid using exclamation points or bold letters to emphasize certain qualifications.

6. No Social Media Presence

Job recruiters in 2017 typically view the social media profiles of candidates and might think you have something to hide if you don't have an online presence. Make the process easier for recruiters by listing your LinkedIn profile or professional Facebook page information on your resume. If sending your resume electronically, include links to these pages. Your social media profiles should highlight you in the best light to ensure you make a positive first impression.

As an active job candidate, it's important to know which mistakes to avoid when crafting your resume to ensure you don't turn off recruiters. Follow these tips to make a great impression and keep your resume from ending end up in the shred pile.

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