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Your job search tasks should definitely include creating a stand-out resume and cover letter, but it's also important to brainstorm your career goals. One way to help you determine if a job is a good fit is to craft interview questions to ask the recruiter. This helps you assess whether or not the position moves you closer to your ultimate dream job. Investigate potential opportunities thoroughly by asking the following questions during job interviews.

1. What Do You Like About Working Here?

It is important to know whether or not employees feel fulfilled and happy in a work environment before accepting a position with a firm. Interview questions that focus on not only the benefits the company offers but also why employees enjoy their jobs can provide you with the insight you need to make an informed decision if offered the job.

2. How Would You Define the Company Culture?

When asking interview questions, inquire about the company's culture to learn more about how teams are formed, how often employees are encouraged to socialize and the amount of time the firm invests in fostering a welcoming environment. Ask about team-building activities and opportunities for professional development to evaluate the company's commitment to employee growth and overall happiness on the job.

3. How Can I Make an Impact in this Position?

A successful employee thrives on making a positive impact. Show that you are eager and interested in developing the company's service or product line when asking these types of interview questions. Ask for specific examples of how the individual in this position contributes to the firm's bottom line, operations and company culture.

4. What is Expected of a New Hire Within the First 90 Days?

Show the hiring manager that you are motivated and willing to jump start your career with the company by asking interview questions about expectations of a new hire during a job interview. This type of question helps you to also evaluate whether or not the potential employer has realistic expectations of their employees. For example, if the workload seems heavy and overwhelming, you may determine that the opportunity is not a good fit for you professionally.

5. As an Employee, How Can I Help the Company Reach its Goals?

Demonstrate your eagerness to support the company's mission and goals by asking questions that prompt the interviewer to reveal how the company achieves its goals. Ask about specific actions taken by employees that have proven to be successful to display your motivated personality and strong work ethic.

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about the ins and outs of a company by asking interview questions that help you to uncover details about the work environment, company culture and expectations of the firm. When armed with this information, you are in a stronger position to make an informed decision about your career.

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