Are You Asking the Right Questions at the End of the Interview?

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Preparing for a job interview requires more than just rehearsing answers to common interview questions. It's just as important for you to prepare questions to ask potential employers at the end of interviews. Avoid questions you can easily find the answers to with a quick search on the company's website. Dig deeper to ensure the answers to your questions provide greater insight into the company, its mission and its potential to propel your career forward.

What Does a Typical Workday Look Like?

Find out about daily briefings with colleagues, early morning routines and tasks you must complete prior to the end of each workday. Inquire about common challenges employees face and the process involved in overcoming those challenges. Job descriptions only provide a brief overview of your primary responsibilities, so it's important to ask questions that give you deeper insight into how you'll spend the majority of your time on the job.

Based on My Skills and Experience, Do You Have Reservations About My Ability to Perform the Job?

Asking this interview question takes a bit of courage, but the answer lets you know where you stand with the employer. Do you lack certain skills or abilities needed to effectively perform the job? If so, the employer is likely to let you know when faced with this interview question. If you find out that you're not exactly what the employer is looking for, ask for details and work on those specific weaknesses to become a stronger job candidate. If the employer doesn't have any reservations and is excited about bringing you on board, he's likely to communicate that as well.

What Do You Expect the New Employee to Accomplish Within the First 90 Days on the Job?

This interview question helps you determine exactly what the company expects from you as a new hire and what you can expect as a new employee. Is there a problem your potential employer wants you to solve within your first three months of employment? Is there a huge backlog of work that must be up to date within 90 days? Does your employer want you to shadow a seasoned employee during your first few months on the job? Knowing more details about what your potential manager wants can help you determine if the job is a good fit.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working for This Company?

This interview question gives you insight into the company culture and lets you know if the job recruiter and other employees are pretty happy working for the organization. Happy workers are typically eager to discuss the benefits of working for a company and the company's overall mission, especially when attempting to attract top-notch candidates.

When Will You Make a Hiring Decision?

Find out when you can expect to hear back from the employer before leaving the interview so you're not left wondering. This question also communicates your interest in the job, which leaves a good final impression.

Job interviews are not one-sided interrogations. As a job candidate, you need to prepare questions in advance to help you determine if the company is the right fit for your skills, abilities and career goals. Asking the right interview questions also demonstrates your genuine interest in working for the organization, which helps set you apart from other candidates.

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