Are You Doing These Five Things After Your Interview?

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It's no secret that the workforce is competitive. However, the job search is just as competitive. How you handle yourself before, during and after each job interview can make or break your chances of receiving a job offer. Seal the deal with follow-up strategies after the interview to make a lasting impression with employers.

1. Update Your Social Media Profiles

After a job interview, most employers fully vet candidates they are considering for hire. Ensure your online presence is professional and impressive, and update your LinkedIn profile to reflect your most recent work experience and skill set. Put a few tweaks on your social media profiles to indicate your expertise in the field, and during your job search, scour through your social media feeds to remove any inappropriate posts that may taint your professional brand.

2. Send a Thank You Note

Offer a sincere expression of thanks following the job interview by sending a thank you letter or note to each individual you met with during your tour of the company. Indicate your interest in the position and compliment the interviewer on his ability to showcase the benefits of the company. Reiterate that you have the necessary skills and desire to fulfill the job duties, and offer a brief selling point that illustrates why you are the best choice for the position.

3. Follow Up With a Phone Call

It is not necessary to pester the hiring manager each day following your job interview. In fact, this practice can hurt your chances of receiving a job offer. However, follow up is crucial. Wait a week after the interview and place a call to the hiring manager to inquire about a decision. Avoid an aggressive tone. Instead, indicate you are eager to join the team and you appreciate the time taken to review your experience and skills.

4. Evaluate Your Performance

Use each job interview as an opportunity to improve your communication skills. Assessment and evaluation are crucial when attempting to present yourself in a professional manner. Following the interview, brainstorm ways you performed well and note any improvements you can make in the future when meeting with potential employers. Take an honest look at your responses to interview questions and consider ways to improve your answers.

5. Continue Your Search

While it is tempting to put all of your eggs in one basket and wait around anxiously for the employer to call, you need to actively continue your search just in case you are not the chosen applicant. Continue to network with professionals in the field and connect with employers regarding openings.

Prospective candidates should follow up with employers, offer a note of appreciation and evaluate their performance after each job interview. The more effort you put into your follow up, the more likely your opportunities for employment increase.

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