Are You Including These Hard and Soft Skills on Your Resume?

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The purpose of a resume is to prove to a recruiter that you are a suitable candidate for the advertised job. To make your resume more convincing, it's best to include both hard and soft skills, as well as evidence of times when you have used those skills to further your career.

Hard skills are technical skills that allow you to perform the duties of the job for which you are applying. Here are some examples of hard skills that are currently highly in demand.

Data Analysis

Modern technology makes it possible to collect huge amounts of data. Businesses need people who can analyze that data and draw conclusions that drive business decisions. To develop this skill, consider taking an online course in data analytics.

Social Media

Almost all consumer-facing businesses now have social media profiles, but many do not make the best possible use of their accounts. Many employers hire people who can effectively manage their social media accounts. This might involve responding to consumer queries and complaints as well as posting content that encourages potential and loyal customers to interact with the business.

If you have any experience of managing a social media account for a business, charity, club or other organization, include it on your resume. However, do not include personal social media use.

Content Management Systems

If you know how to use WordPress, Blogger or Squarespace to regularly add content to a website, be sure to let potential employers know. You can even add a link to websites you have managed or built to show off your skills.

WordPress is the most common content management system used by businesses. Knowledge of this platform makes you very useful to employers. There are online tutorials you can take to become familiar with WordPress technology.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are skills that useful in a very side range of jobs. They allow employees to work successfully with coworkers, customers and superiors to help their company succeed.


Communication skills do not only include the ability to talk and listen. Today, almost three quarters of employers are looking for candidates who have strong written communication skills. The best way to show off your writing skills is to ensure your resume is free from grammar and spelling errors. Rephrase long sentences to prove you can communicate succinctly.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is one of the most useful soft skills in all roles. Include an example of a time you solved a problem in one of your previous jobs. For example, perhaps your company's marketing department was struggling with low customer engagement and you found a way to increase email open rates by 20 percent. That is a great example of your soft skills providing value to an employer.

When writing a resume, be sure to include evidence of a range of hard and soft skills. This approach can help your resume stand out and boosts your chances of landing an interview.

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