Are You Putting These 10 Unnecessary Things on Your Resume?

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Your resume is the first thing a hiring manager sees, so it's imperative that it capture attention in a positive way. While there are plenty of checklists out there to remind you of the important things to include on your resume, what about those items you should definitely leave off? Leave these 10 unnecessary things off your resume so you can make the best first impression.

1. Home Address

Listing your name, email address and telephone number gives the hiring manager everything he needs to contact you. It's not necessary to list your home address. You may be dismissed immediately based on your distance from the job.

2. Sensitive Personal Information

Never include your social security number, driver's license number or any other sensitive details on your resume. If the potential employer needs this information, you can supply it upon request if you're comfortable.

3. Unprofessional Email Address

Make sure the email address you provide is professional and suitable for the workplace. This isn't the place to list your or email address. Create an email account that uses your name or initials, and use it specifically for the job search.

4. A Photo

Unless you're applying for modeling jobs, it's not necessary to include a photo on your resume. Hiring managers may, whether intentionally or unintentionally, discriminate based on your looks.

5. Cliché Career Objective

A career objective tells the hiring manager what you're looking for in a position. Leave it out. Instead, include a career summary that demonstrates the value you can bring to the hiring organization.

6. Complete Educational History

Listing your college, graduation date and degree is sufficient. Save valuable space on your resume by leaving off the details of your high school career. This includes your GPA.

7. Too Much Text

Your resume should present a healthy balance of text and white space. Use bullets as necessary to present readable lists of previous job duties or significant achievements.

8. Salary Information

Don't list past or current salaries on your resume, and avoid any mention of salary requirements. Save the salary discussion until you receive a job offer from the hiring organization.

9. References

If a hiring manager wants to contact your references, you can expect him to request names in the final stages of the hiring process. Save valuable real estate on your resume by leaving reference information off the document.

10. Fancy Fonts

Stylized fonts and colors are distracting and unprofessional. Keep your resume clean and polished by using a sans serif font such as Calibri, Arial or Verdana.

Hiring managers faced with stacks of resumes are sure to dismiss some candidates without a second thought. Be sure to leave these 10 unnecessary things off your resume so you don't land in the reject pile.

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