Are You Saying These 7 Things in the Interview?

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When approached with interview questions, it's common for candidates to focus on experience and skills, but showing your personality and eagerness can benefit you and ultimately lead to a job offer. Make sure you are saying these seven things during a job interview to increase your opportunities.

1. I'm a Flexible Employee.

Hiring managers appreciate employees willing to adjust their schedules and their work styles to accommodate the workflow. During the job interview, provide examples of how you adapted to change in past positions.

2. I'm Well-Versed in Your Company's Operations.

Do your research prior to the job interview to further impress employers. When answering questions, detail what you know about the company's products and services as well as the mission and company culture. Show you are invested in this opportunity and have done your homework.

3. I Have the Experience You Require.

Scan through the job description and note the qualifications the company is seeking well before the job interview. Discuss how your experience matches what the company is looking for and provide examples of how your experience can further impact the company's success.

4. I'm Eager to Join the Team.

A candidate who is both eager and positive is often appealing to hiring managers. Avoid discussing any negative experiences in the field and solely focus on the positive aspects of your career. Offer innovative ideas you could foster as an employee to display your eagerness to join the team.

5. I Value Professional Development.

Employers desire applicants who are constantly developing their skills. Note any skill areas you are continuing to improve and detail any classes, workshops or training seminars you have attended or plan to attend in the future to further your knowledge of the industry. A willingness to learn is an attractive quality in a job candidate.

6. I'm a Team Player.

Working with others is a necessary element of any position. During the job interview, explore what you enjoy about working with teams and describe experiences with customers and co-workers that have resulted in success within previous positions. Evaluate how your contributions have led to sales, customer acquisitions and financial gains when working with a team in the past.

7. I'm Highly Motivated and Eager to Work.

It's exhausting for employers to provide motivation for their employees. Explain ways you motivate yourself and what motivates you when on the job when answering interview questions. Use a positive tone to show your excitement and eagerness to succeed in this new position.

Not only is it important to say the right things during a job interview, it's also important how you communicate. Pay close attention to your body language and mannerisms so your positive attitude shines through to each and every employer.

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