Are You Using These 7 Resources in Your Job Hunt?

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Just like building a successful, long-term company, the key to having a successful job search is to diversify your efforts. The reason you should diversify is because companies handle job openings in different ways. Check out these seven resources to tap into while you're hunting for a job.

1. Social Media

Follow your favorite employers on social media and connect with them. Some companies post job openings and career opportunities on social media platforms, so pay attention to these networks during your job search. Find a company's official social networking links on the firm's official website.

2. Networking Events

Networking events, despite the advent of LinkedIn and social media, still offer a relevant way to connect with your future employer. Find in-person networking events through online postings on Eventbrite or Meetup. Take a look at Facebook or Twitter to see if someone is organizing an informal meeting for lunch during the week, or attend a formal networking event or career fair in your city. Once you make a connection, offer to help your contact solve a problem and then maintain contact with that person. You never know when that contact may come through for you by informing you of a job opening or recommending you for a position.

3. Career Pages

Companies often have their own dedicated career pages on their websites. A company website lists the job description, qualifications and tidbits about the benefits of working for the employer as well as the company culture. Find businesses that interest you, and check out their websites for more information.

4. Staffing Companies

Staffing companies can put you in touch with particular employers and positions during your job search. Staffing agencies screen employees and onboard them as a go-between for the employer and workers. Staffing firms can put you in touch with manufacturers, sales jobs, executive positions and tech positions. Many of these companies act as recruiters, while others specialize in certain fields. Most staffing firms have online portals that let you apply for jobs with specific employers.

5. Online Job Boards

Online job boards have tons of information, and they offer a formal way to conduct your job search. There are many websites that aggregate thousands of open positions in one place, so the possibilities are endless with this type of resource. Narrow your search by job title, skills, employers and even pay ranges.

6. Industry Organizations

Every industry has an organization to which you can belong. These organizations put like-minded people in touch with firms that are hiring. Many websites for these organizations have industry-specific job boards to help your job search. Membership in these organizations have particular benefits, including finding exclusive information.

7. Google Search

Perform a Google search to narrow your specific interests quickly. Type in a job title for a position with your area to see what's available. You might consider narrowing your search by a particular employer to see what happens. Don't forget Google's site-specific way to find an open position a specific website.

Your job search is only as good as the tools you use to implement it. These seven resources help you diversify your efforts and can make you land a job sooner rather than later.

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