Are You in a Rut or Is It Time to Quit?

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You just had another of those dreadful Mondays at work where nothing went right. You didn't feel like showing up at the office, your boss was mad and your team didn't get a thing done. Is this a sign you should quit your job? Does this mean you're just in a rut? Discover five signs that let you know it's time to leave your current digs to find new ones.

1. You're Always Sick

One way to tell it's time to quit your job is the longevity of what you experience. One bad day every six months is no big deal. Several bad days strung together for weeks on end is not good. If your job makes you sick, that may indicate that you suffer from too much stress at work. Stress builds up to anxiety, which leads to a physical illness where you miss days of work. Although changing careers and finding a new position may cause financial snafus, your bad health could have long-term consequences that are harder to address.

2. Bad Boss Relationship

You and your boss don't have to be BFFs, but you shouldn't fight on a regular basis. The saying goes, "People don't quit companies; they quit managers." If you and your supervisor don't get along on a frequent basis, perhaps you should quit your job to find a better situation. At best, your manager simply doesn't get along with you due to disparate personalities. At worst, your supervisor creates a toxic work environment that causes stress, anxiety and health problems. Your career isn't worth dealing with a bad boss every day.

3. No Longer a Cultural Fit

You may have started out at this position thinking this was the perfect fit, but then your goals changed. Perhaps you loved the long work hours at first, and then your ideal job changed to a more flexible arrangement. If the company doesn't work with you to try to meet your needs, it's time to move on and quit your job. Find a position that aligns with your ideal job.

4. Derailing Long-Term Goals

Your long-term professional goals are important to you. If your current position no longer aligns with your goals, find one that does. Maybe your job no longer fits the description from when you first started. Rather than giving you a raise or changing your job title like you deserve, your company doesn't listen and derails your prosperity and promotion. Quit your job and examine opportunities for advancement elsewhere.

5. Professional Plateau

You really want to get a promotion and move up to a position that fits your experience and skills because you feel you worked hard to get where you are today. Your manager says there are no more opportunities for training, growth or even expanding your job duties. Rather than letting you explore ways to engage with your work, you feel bored every day because you want to keep moving forward. When you hit that ceiling and can't go higher, rather than feeling you're in a rut, find a company that lets you spread your wings.

When you decide to quit your job, have a plan in mind. Leave your current position in good standing as much as possible, because you want the transition to be as painless as possible.

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