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Choosing your career path is never easy. When you are an established professional working in an industry and begin feeling unfulfilled, choosing a new field can pose some challenges. Many job seekers begin their job search by contacting career counselors or researching positions offering the best likelihood of financial security, but it's best to look within to determine if you are in the right career.

Evaluate Your Strengths

Determine whether or not you chose the right career path for yourself by assessing your values and personality. Are you utilizing your strengths in your current position? Have you been able to improve your skills? If not, it might be time for a change. It's also crucial to assess whether or not your current position is in line with your values. Are you responsible for projects that promote actions that you do not agree with or believe in? You should also consider your strengths carefully and think about how you can use them to make an impact in other fields.

Connect With Your Network

Professionals in your network can offer you the advice and the information you need about potentially changing your career path. Inquire with professionals who work in fields you find appealing or exciting to learn more about the ins and outs of various jobs. Attend social meet-ups with members of your network to gain even more information. You can also sign up for workshops sponsored by local organizations to immerse yourself in the community or a new industry. This can help you determine if you should relaunch your job search.

Research Fields

Before taking the plunge and determining it's time to change your career path, do your research. Learn more about how other companies operate. Seek out more details about the skills necessary to succeed in another industry. It's also important to evaluate your transferable skills. Will you be able to seamlessly adjust or blend into another career based on the skills you already possess?

Assess the Pros and Cons

Making a career change is often scary, especially if you already have an established career path and a financially secure position. Consider all of the aspects of changing jobs by making a list of pros and cons of each industry you are considering. Don't just think about the financial implications of a career change, but also, consider how changing industries could affect you personally and professionally. Review this list with a trusted member of your professional network to ensure you are considering all of the pros and cons.

It's is not always easy to make a change in your professional life, but making sure you're satisfied with your career is important to your overall wellness. Before changing your career path, take the time to carefully consider the pros and cons of making a major life change, and then determine if it's worth it.

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