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If you want to boost your time management and make the most out of your workday, you're in luck. These clever productivity hacks can help you get more done in less time.

Make Use of Lists

To-do lists are a great way to boost productivity, but if they get too long, just looking at them can be daunting. Choose just three to five items per day to complete. This increases your odds of getting them done while keeping you motivated. You can also organize your to-dos into topics using color-coded stationery or a service such as Google Keep.

Start Early

To take your time management to the next level, take the night before a busy day to prepare for the coming morning. Study your to-do list, choose your outfit, and prep your breakfast and coffee maker. Wake up a little earlier than usual to knock a few items off your to-do list before heading to the office.

Take Plenty of Breaks

An often-neglected element of productivity and time management is rest and time off. To prevent burnout and boost productivity in the long run, take five-minute breaks over the course of the day, and take full advantage of your vacation time.

Define Your Goals and Objectives

Clearly define your primary work goals so you don't lose sight of what you're working toward. Write down all of your current objectives, ranking them in terms of importance. When choosing daily tasks, have these objectives in mind to help keep yourself on track.

Manage Your Emails

Email can be a time suck, so take some time to unsubscribe from updates and newsletters you don't need, reducing the number of emails you need to process daily. Another time management trick is to set aside a few blocks of time throughout the day for managing emails. Avoid checking your email outside of these time blocks.

Listen to Concentration Music

Music can help you get into the zone and boost productivity, but music with lyrics can be distracting. Choose instrumental movie scores, piano music or jazz instead.

Cut Down Distractions

For better time management, minimize outside distractions whenever you need to focus. This may mean turning off your Wi-Fi to avoid social media, closing the door to your office or using a Do Not Disturb sign.

Break Down Large Tasks

Major goals such as quarterly or yearly objectives can leave you feeling lost and overwhelmed. Before working toward a goal, break it down into as many smaller action steps as possible to better understand what you need to accomplish each day.

Find a Good Calendar

Keep your meetings, deadlines and other events in order with a personal calendar. With options ranging from planners to mobile apps, it's easier than ever to find a calendar that matches your personal style.

Work from Home

While not everyone can work from home every day, working remotely on occasion can offer a refreshing change of scenery. According to Business Insider, 65 percent of professionals feel more productive when working from home.

Once implemented, these simple productivity hacks can have a major impact on your daily life. What are some of your favorite time management techniques? Share them in the comments below.

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