Best Apps for Keeping Web Clips and Bookmarks

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Organizing paper files and hard copy documents, plus figuring out methods for creating logical, user-friendly systems of organization for electronic files and for saving web clips as well, can be challenging. With an ever-increasing volume of electronic resources at your fingertips, you could easily be overwhelmed with information to manage. Fortunately, there are several read later apps for web clips and bookmarks that help you contain and categorize your Internet inventory of items to save.


Evernote is a cross-platform app available for mobile, laptop and desktop devices that serves as a digital file cabinet for users to archive, keep a journal or otherwise record information in a variety of formats and from a wide range of sources. Its suite of products includes browser plug-ins allowing you to save the bookmark, save a screenshot or save the entire page into an existing or newly created notebook. For added organization, sorting and retrieving, add tags and keywords so you can filter through your files later. In addition to keeping your web clips and bookmarks collected in one app, Evernote allows you to turn photos and scanned images into notes, submit web clips and links via your own dedicated e-mail and record videos and voice recordings.


Formerly known as Read It Later, Pocket is a read later app that provides a place for you to save interesting articles, videos and web clips from the Internet for later review or reference. Once saved to the Pocket app, your content is viewable on any of your devices, including your phone, tablet, e-reader and computer. Your content is available to read in Pocket even if your device is off-line. The cross-platform app is integrated with over 500 apps, including Twitter and Pulse, which allows you to easily capture a web clip to save for future reference or to save a video for later viewing. Pocket can be used in conjunction with a social media management app such as Bufferapp, which allows you to add the content saved in Pocket to your Buffer queue, which rolls out posts and Tweets on your behalf at scheduled times throughout the day.

Evernote and Pocket

To maximize the functionality and effectiveness of both of these apps, The Next Web recommends using both in complementary ways. For example, keep all web clips and bookmarks stored in Pocket for later. After you review your saved content, you can easily delete as desired and send the web clips to Evernote for long-term archiving.

Web clips and bookmarks can easily be forgotten if you do not devise a system for recording and organizing the finds from your browsing. While using just one of these apps might meet your needs, combining the two might exceed your expectations.


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