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If you’re having difficulty finding happiness within your line of work or figuring out what you want to do with your life, perhaps it’s time to look to the stars for help. Astrology is an incredibly powerful tool that can help you understand yourself better. It’s also a great way to understand the things that are happening around you and can even forecast events yet to come. In terms of your career, the techniques to analyze the best path for you are robust and will depend on your individual natal chart. However, an astrologer will always look to your 10th house (the Midheaven, or MC), amongst other things, for the answers. The Midheaven represents your career, professional status and public image. It’s also important to assess the planet that reside within this house, if any.


Because this is such a personal analysis, it won’t be possible to dig deep into your needs as it relates to jobs and careers within this article. What we can do is offer some applicable tips to get you off to a great start. You can easily find out the details of your birth chart online, but you must know the exact details of the time and place you were born.


Aries or Aries Midheaven

If you are an Aries sun sign, or have Aries on your MC, then this can represent a pioneering individual with a warrior-like spirit. You are a natural born leader and are ruled by the planet Mars. Not only are you a pioneer and a leader- you’re also a fighter and have a high level of stamina. This would make you great at being an entrepreneur, or even a serial entrepreneur. You find it hard to keep still and often take the initiative necessary to get things done. Although entrepreneurism isn’t something that’s in the cards for everyone, regardless of their sign, as an Aries this could be your comfort zone. Jobs that would be a good fit for you are ones that can allow you to be a self-starter and won’t leave you feeling restless. Becoming an airplane pilot, military officer, professional athlete, fitness trainer, or motivational coach are just a few ideas. If you have Aries on your Midheaven, take a close look at where Mars is in your chart and what sign it is in.


Taurus or Taurus Midheaven

If you are a Taurus sun sign, or have Taurus on your MC, then you are someone who enjoys the finer things in life and are drawn to luxury. As the second sign in the zodiac behind Aries, you too have an ambitious lean but your reasonings for it are different. Taurus individuals are Fixed signs who want to live a comfortable life, wear nice clothes, live in a nice house and will work diligently to attain the finances to secure that. Your placement is ruled by the planet Venus, which governs beauty, material, and financial possessions. Some ideal roles for the Taurus individual would lie in the jewelry, fine goods, and banking fields. As an Earth sign, you may do well to integrate positions that require you to work with the earth, such as becoming a winemaker, landscape architect, or geological engineer.  If you have Taurus on your Midheaven, take a close look at where Venus is in your chart and what sign it is in.


Gemini or Gemini Midheaven

If you are a Gemini, or have Gemini on your MC, then you love to talk (or write) and whatever job you have must revolve around communication. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini’s are super sharp and tend to think so fast that it’s hard for others to keep up. Mercury is somewhat of a nervous energy so for a Gemini, keeping still may prove to be a challenge. If you aren’t mentally excited or challenged at work, you can get bored fast. As a Mutable sign, you thrive in changing environments and won’t hesitate to look for another job. Having two separate jobs or careers at once may also help to keep you stimulated.  A job in journalism might be the epitome of career happiness for a Gemini. You’ll be constantly on the move talking to people, uncovering new information, and bringing your findings to the world. Gemini’s are also very creative and would excel in communication-based jobs that allow them to exercise their imagination. Working in advertising as a copywriter, content creator, or brand strategist would be great ways to keep your engine rolling. If you have Gemini on the Midheaven, take a close look at where Mercury is in your chart and what sign it is in.


Cancer or Cancer Midheaven

If you are a Cancer, or have Cancer on your Midheaven, you’re the type of person who needs some level of emotional fulfillment from your job or career. Ruled by the Moon, it’s important that your job gives you purpose but you’ll go through phases and may experience a lot of ups, downs and changes over your career. Like Aries, Cancer is also a Cardinal sign and would do well in jobs that allow some level of leadership or self-directedness. The Cancer individual would do well to settle down in a career that revolves around helping others, gives them a level of security and provides a skillset that they can carry with them throughout their professional journey. Becoming a teacher, counselor, healthcare worker, or a professional chef would be a few options to top the list. Plus, these are all jobs that give you the ability to branch out as a business owner if you choose. The Cancer chef could open up their own restaurant, or as a healthcare worker open up their own clinic. If you have Cancer on the Midheaven, look to where the Moon is in your chart and what sign it is in.


Leo or Leo Midheaven

If you are a Leo, or have Leo on your Midheaven, then you love to shine! You enjoy the attention and admiration you receive from other people, so a career that somehow puts you in the spotlight is where you ought to be. Ruled by the Sun, the Leo individual would do well as an actor, model, or as the spokesperson for a brand or company. They would also do well in roles that require them to lead or be followed by others, such as being the head of the Social Media department at their organization, or Head of Sales. It might be very easy for a Leo to gain a lot of follower’s online, simply by posting eye-catching photos on Instagram or highly visual videos on YouTube. The Leo sun sign or Leo MC can become a self-made star in their own right and build a business around their ability to attract and maintain an audience. If you have Leo on the Midheaven, look to where the Sun is in your chart and what sign it is in.


Virgo or Virgo Midheaven

If you are a Virgo, or have Virgo on your Midheaven, your approach to work (and life) will err on the side of perfectionism. Like Gemini, Virgo is also ruled by Mercury and your strength lies in the mind. However, unlike Gemini, your nervous Mercurial energy goes into your fascination with details and need for control within your environment. Your highly critical, almost technical way of thinking would make you best for jobs that require cautious candidates that don’t make mistakes. The Virgo individual would make a great surgeon, dentist, mathematician, data analyst or, systems administrator. Virgo also represents the servant and would excel in positions where they can be of service to other people. Working in civil service jobs, being a housekeeper, or a caregiver are just a few examples of this. If you have Virgo on the Midheaven, look to where Mercury is in your chart and what sign it is in.


Libra or Libra Midheaven

If you are a Libra, or have Libra on your Midheaven, then your career is marked for one with a focus on beauty and diplomacy. The connection between the two may not be readily obvious, but Libra is ruled by Venus and its symbol is the scales. For the Libra individual, having balance and equal give and take within the workplace is a beautiful thing! This is a very image conscious sign and you’ll never see them overdoing it—from the clothes they wear to the official statements they give to the press. Libra is the sign of the politician, judge, and PR executive. These are perfect roles that allow them to carefully curate their image while governing the laws that make it fair for all to live by. Libras would also do very well working as an interior designer, makeup artist, or stylist. As a Cardinal sign, you’re inclined to venture out on your own. You could make your mark starting your own cosmetics line, design firm or running for high government positions. If you have Libra on the Midheaven, look to where Venus is in your chart and what sign it is in.


Scorpio or Scorpio Midheaven

If you are a Scorpio, or have Scorpio on the Midheaven, you are fascinated by all things unknown and hidden. In modern astrology Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, the god of the underworld, and co-ruled by Mars (which rules Aries). Like Aries, Scorpio isn’t one to shy away from a fight but unlike Aries, Scorpio doesn’t see war as a form of sport. As a Fixed water sign, Scorpio’s are deeply emotional individuals and their fights are usually to uncover deep, hidden truths about something (or someone). This sign would do very well battling it out in the courtroom as a lawyer. Scorpio’s would also excel at being a detective, private investigator, spy, psychologist or researcher. A few additional career options for Scorpios are stunt doubles or race car drivers. What better way to live on the edge of darkness than doing a job that gets your adrenaline pumping? If you have Scorpio on the Midheaven, look to where Pluto is in your chart and what sign it is in.


Sagittarius or Sagittarius Midheaven

If you are a Sagittarius, or have Sagittarius on your MC, the perfect career for you would be one that allows you to expand your horizons. The explorer of the zodiac, Sagittarius individuals are full of the same fluid energy that their fellow Mutable Signs Gemini and Virgo possess. This adventurous sign wants to go to the ends of the earth and back, making sure they’ve left no stone unturned. Roles that allow you to travel and learn new things, such as being an archeologist, salvage diver or joining the peace corps might allow that. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and this planet is a deeply religious, jovial and expansive one. Jupiter is one of the benefic planets in the sky, and can be a bestower of great fortune and joy. For that reason, a Sagittarius might find their fortune grow if they try their luck at investing. You can always start small and diversify the outlets you put your money into for maximum growth potential. If that’s not an option, consider getting a job for a multinational corporation where opportunities to engage across their global offices are available. If you have Sagittarius on the Midheaven, look to where Jupiter is in your chart and the sign it is in.


Capricorn or Capricorn Midheaven

If you are a Capricorn, or have your Midheaven in Capricorn, you were made for the boss life! Your shrewd and calculating nature may come across as stagnant, if compared to your fellow Cardinal signs, but you truly have a mind for business and being successful at it. As a Capricorn, you probably experienced a lot of delays in your growth as an individual or in your career. Your sign is ruled by Saturn, the old taskmaster of the universe. Her rewards are extraordinary but usually don’t kick in until maturity is reached at around age 35. It might take a while for you to become accomplished in your career, so Capricorn’s would do best at a company where they can climb the corporate ladder. Since this sign is generally ambitious and goal-oriented you can find Capricorns, and those with their MC in Capricorn, in just about any field. As long as there’s potential for them to reach an executive level, become a member of the board, or the next CEO–they’re happy! However, like their fellow Earth signs of Taurus and Virgo, Capricorn is very practical and financially aware. You could find your calling at a private equity, venture capital or investment firm and gradually work your way up to the top. If you have Capricorn on the Midheaven, look to where Saturn is in your chart and the sign it is in.


Aquarius or Aquarius Midheaven

If you are an Aquarius, or have Aquarius on your Midheaven, then you’ll find yourself drawn to career choices that are vibrant and progressive. Aquarius, the sign of the water bearer, needs to have freedom, a sense of individuality and new beginnings. Although a Fixed sign, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus (and co-ruled by Saturn), the planet of sudden shocks and surprises. Therefore, you may find yourself switching gears in your professional life pretty often—especially if the job or career feels more stagnant than forward moving. You’re all about shaking up the status quo and ushering in the revolution whether big or small. For the Aquarius individual they might find their calling working as an activist, community organizer or for a nonprofit. They might also consider working as a production manager for live entertainment venues or as an event organizer, as they can do well with large groups of people. If you have Aquarius on your Midheaven, look to where Uranus is in your chart and the sign it is in.


Pisces or Pisces Midheaven

If you have a Pisces Sun sign or Pisces on your MC, then you’d do best to stick to your dreams and see them through to the end. As a Mutable water sign, you are in a prime space to ebb and flow through the rivers of your instincts successfully. Pisces is ruled by Neptune (and co-ruled by Jupiter), a spiritual planet that represents our dreams and illusions. There’s a very creative, “one with the universe” type of energy that the Pisces individual has and they could use that to become musicians, novelists, actors, spiritual healers, and leaders. Your artistic talents as a Pisces could also shine as a painter or graphic designer. If you have Pisces on your Midheaven, find where Neptune is placed in your chart and what sign it is in.



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