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Before you present a case for hiring you in front of human resources or a hiring manager, you probably examine tons of job interview tips to prepare for your face time. You research the company and the position. You build up your confidence by gaining insights into how you can solve the employer's problems. What you don't want to do is spend a lot of time trying to impress the people in front of you.

Don't Elevate Others

Liz Ryan, founder and CEO of Human Workplace, considers a job interview similar to a date. Rather than bring his own ideas and stories to the interview, the candidate chooses to put the interviewers on a pedestal. Instead of getting to the heart of his skills, experience and qualifications, a prospect spends too much time complimenting other people in the room. An interview isn't about schmoozing, it's about showcasing your soft skills.

Bring Your Confidence

Human resources wants to see people who are confident, even if those candidates lack all of the qualifications listed on the job description. Confident candidates give their best interviews even if they are scared, nervous or don't look the best on paper. An interview is all about your personality and how you get along with your prospective employer.

When you try to impress others during a job interview, you may come across as begging for a job. You waste time when you don't show your future boss what you're worth. People who try to impress others may have low self-esteem and really don't know what they bring to the table.

Ask Questions

Ask questions before and during the job interview. Before you go to the interview, ask yourself, "What problems is this company trying to solve?" That becomes the focus of your research. Does the company need more clients, better revenue, higher market share or better products? Knowing this beforehand gives you the confidence you need to succeed.

During an interview, ask questions. This shows you have an interest in the position and are engaged with the people in front of you. You probably prepared questions to ask, but you may gain insights during the interview as to what you should ask.

Know Why You're There

Remember one key piece of information. The fact that you reached the interview stage means the employer already values your experience, work ethic and hard skills. The job interview is your chance to show off your achievements, communication skills and talents. You don't need to worry about making a good impression; you need to come across as genuine, authentic and confident.

Gaining confidence ahead of the interview means casting aside your worries. You may have concerns and fears about money, the direction your career is going and how badly you want this job. When these fears enter into your consciousness, they come through during your interview. Preparation tamps down this fear and gives you an aura of confidence that wins the day.

A job interview isn't about impressing someone. Think of it as a way to see if you're a perfect fit. The fact that you entered the room with a smile on your face shows you already like what you see. Getting to know your interviewers closes the deal.

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