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Whether you're struggling with unemployment, bored by your current position or looking for advancement within your industry, the job search can be daunting. There's much more to the process than just sending out resumes and hoping for the best. Consider these 14 tips to find a new position that's right for you.

1. Take a Look at Your Social Media Profiles

Make sure the photos you use on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are professional. Use these platforms to announce your job search, advertise your skills and experience, and post relevant industry articles to show your interest.

2. Review Your Resume

Update your resume to reflect your current or last position, and make sure it includes all the necessary keywords, skills and experience to land the position you're seeking.

3. Check In With Temp Agencies

Apply with a temp agency in your area. At the least, you gain experience during your job search. If you're lucky, the job may become permanent.

4. Brush Up On Your Interviewing Skills

Don't turn down any interviews. Every opportunity lets you practice your skills and learn from your mistakes.

5. Come Up With an Elevator Pitch

Prepare a brief, 60-second elevator pitch that lets any hiring manager know who you are and what makes you stand out as a candidate.

6. Prepare for Every Interview

Review the job description before you head to any interview. This allows you to tailor your responses for each question to the needs of the company.

7. Customize Each Cover Letter

Never use a generic cover letter. Target your cover letter to each position you apply for to demonstrate why you're the best candidate for the job.

8. Call On Your Connections

Reach out to previous employers or old co-workers, and let them know you're on the job search. They may clue you in to a vacant position or offer to write a letter of recommendation.

9. Grow Your Network

Make new connections. Attend job fairs, join a volunteer organization or participate in online industry forum discussions.

10. Utilize Job Boards

Post your resume on job boards. Look for job boards that cater specifically to your industry of interest.

11. Demonstrate Your Flexibility

During your interview, offer to work for the company on a temporary basis. This lets you prove your worth and lets you stand out from other candidates.

12. Hire a Recruiter

Work with a recruiter that understands your goals and can point you in the direction of jobs for which you qualify and are in line with your chosen career path.

13. Be Prepared

Be ready to head to an interview at a moment's notice. Always have your resume and reference list available.

14. Follow Up After Every Interview

Ask the hiring manager when a decision is expected, and call the company when the proper amount of time has elapsed to inquire about the status of the position.

No matter how tireless your job search, don't give up until you find a new position that meets your needs and goals for the future. If you settle for the first offer that comes along, you may find yourself back on the job search in a few short months.

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