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The modern-day job interview is a discovery process, with both the interviewer and interviewee working together to discern if the position is the right fit. Avoid the temptation of spending most of your preparation time memorizing answers to common interview questions. Instead, focus on these modern interviewing tactics to show your best side while sharing your personality and aptitude for the job.

1. Do Your Research

The internet makes it easier than ever to find out more about the company and department to which you are applying. Picture yourself working at the company, and think about how you fit into the culture. Extend your research to the people you are likely to work with and current events affecting the company operations. Be prepared to discuss the company in depth.

2. Review Your Experience

Take a hard look at your resume, making sure you are ready to explain any aspect of it in more detail at your job interview. Being able to talk confidently about your education and experience sets a positive tone, and assures the interviewer of your integrity and the depth of your knowledge.

3. Be Prepared to Show Not Tell

Your resume lists you experience in general terms. At the job interview, you need to give specific examples of situations in which you used your skills. Have some stories ready about times you used your unique abilities to benefit your previous employers.

4. Dress Appropriately

Even in casual working environments, it's important to dress professionally for a job interview. Choosing something that you feel comfortable in and like the looks of helps boost your confidence. Make sure that you take extra care with your personal hygiene on interview day, and avoid wearing too many perfumed products.

5. Watch Your Body Language

Body language is an important part of the modern job interview. Hiring managers are looking for employees who are professional and fit in well with the current company culture. Sit up straight, and make appropriate eye contact. At the same time, remember to breath and keep your shoulders relaxed.

6. Listen Carefully

Active listening ensures you hear questions correctly the first time, allowing you to answer them completely yet concisely. Listening carefully also helps you gain more information about the company and shows the interviewers the depth of your interest.

7. Be Yourself

Avoid the temptation to try to be your version of a perfect job candidate. Instead share yourself honestly. You're unlikely to do well in a position that isn't a good match for your honest abilities and true personality.

8. Follow-Up

A sincere thank you note never goes out of style. Whether you send a quick email or a short handwritten note, your attention to this detail is sure to be noticed by your interviewers, putting you ahead of other similarly qualified candidates who don't take the time to follow up.

Perhaps the best modern interviewing tactic is to relax and present you authentic competence for the position. Focus on showing the interviewers how you are ready to benefit the company along with your passion for working for their business. After you leave the job interview, send a thank you note that includes a call to action, and feel confident that you are on your way to finding a job that is right for you.

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