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Many applicants often spend time not only preparing for a job interview but also stressing about presenting themselves professionally. Prepare for your next interview by focusing on your qualifications and skills, but don't forget to employ psychological strategies that make a positive impression.

Scheduling Advantages

Throughout your job search, try to schedule your job interview at a time when the hiring manager is probably more relaxed. According to GlassDoor, Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. is often the most optimal time for an interview. Mondays and early mornings are often rushed for business professionals. Scheduling your interview toward the beginning of the week and mid-morning gives you an opportunity to interview when potential employers have had a chance to catch up on paperwork, emails and phone calls, so you're more likely to have their full attention.

Wardrobe Wonders

The information you provide during a job interview is crucial; however, how you conduct yourself and even dress is just as important. Consider the impression you want to make when selecting an outfit for the day. According to CareerBuilder, interviewers surveyed recommend wearing something with blue tones that offer a calming effect. The colors you choose to wear can also signify personal and professional qualities. For example, a grey suit often shows that you are analytical and logical, whereas a white outfit indicates that you are organized. Brown-colored clothing symbolizes a dependable employee, and red suits support a powerful personality and professional attitude.

Common Ground

Make a connection right away with your interviewer by establishing common ground. For example, spend time during your job search researching the hiring manager or the person who plans to interview you, and use this information to your advantage during the job interview. If you have determined that the interviewer is heavily involved in philanthropy efforts or community service, share your efforts in the same areas to further build a connection and mutual level of respect.

Body Language

How you present yourself during the job interview is just as important as what you have to say. Take cues from the interviewer, and mirror his body language. For instance, if the interviewer makes eye contact, make sure that you do as well. Smile when the interviewer smiles, and adjust your posture and stance so it conforms to the hiring manager. Research shows that people who exhibit similar body language and behavior are more likely to connect on a personal and professional level.

Present yourself professionally while also putting your personality on display during a job interview with psychological strategies that build a bond between you and the interviewer. How you dress and conduct yourself impact the impression you make. Your actions might ultimately demonstrate to the hiring manager that you are the ideal candidate for the job.

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