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Employers rely heavily on first impressions during a job interview, and your body language speaks volumes. Present yourself professionally and pay close attention to how you non-verbally interact with hiring managers to put your best foot forward when answering interview questions.


Evaluate how you sit when meeting with new employers. Although you may be nervous, don't let your body language show it. A candidate who sits with his arms crossed and shoulders hunched may indicate to the employer that he is withdrawn or even angry. Instead, push your shoulders back, uncross your arms and lean forward toward the employer when discussing your qualifications to show that you are eager and interested.


Your handshake communicates so much to a hiring manager, so it's important to find a happy medium between an overly firm grip and a weak handshake. The handshake is the first opportunity you have to communicate with your body language, so make a positive impression by reaching out your hand and clasping the employer's hand with confidence. Offer a smile as you shake his or her hand to indicate that you are friendly, confident and professional before you begin selling your skills.


Nervousness can cause a candidate to fidget and even touch his face during the job interview. Resist the urge to push back your hair, lean your fists on your chin or touch your face in any way. This type of body language can distract the hiring manager from the valuable discussion you are having about your qualifications for the position. Instead, clasp your hands in your lap to avoid distractions, and focus on delivering your elevator pitch calmly and confidently when speaking with employers.


Your goal during a job interview is to make a positive impression from the start. Your body language when you walk in the room begins the communication with potential employers. Avoid taking slow, short strides and instead, show that you have some pep in your step and enthusiasm for this meeting. Eagerly approach the potential employer with long strides and a brisk pace, ultimately revealing that you are eager and ready to get started.

Eye Contact

Make frequent eye contact with the hiring manager while answering interview questions. Applicants who avoid eye contact may appear to be hiding something, while applicants who hold a gaze too long can inadvertently intimidate potential employers.

You have only one chance to make a great impression during a job interview, which is why how you present communicate with body language can make or break your chances of getting hired. Prior to your first meeting, review how you approach a handshake, make eye contact and sit to assess any signs of nervousness that can negatively impact your presentation. Do you have some additional body language tips for interviewers?

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